Argentina – Ushuaia

Since I arrived in Ushuaia I have been couch surfing, as my previous CS host again a great host! At the moment I’m just back from a two day treck.



Date Location Activity Notes
09/12/2016-13/12/2016 Argetina, Ushuaia Preparing, hiking and trecking



The first two days in Ushuaia, we dis some small hikes, to and a little on a glacier, to a lake, and just in town. After that I went for atwo day hike.

The first day of the hike it was snowing the entire time, and to be honest I really enjoyed this. Even over here its normal to have snow in the summer, which made the landscape very impresive, flowers a green leaves with snow. It made the path finding very difficult and the night camping as well very cold…

There was no one else on the path so I couldn’t follow any trails, but in the end I made it to laguna del Caminante, where i planned to camp. But due to the wind and the snow I thought it wouldbe better to take the path a little back for some shelter of trees. When I did this I found out I was not the only one crazy enough to go hiking true heavy snow fall (all the snow you see on the pictures is from this one day snowing). I met a group of Frebch and Israelisch, they were really glad that the could follow my footsteps and we decided to go camp together. We went back to the laguna. The wind had decreased a bit and we decided to setyp camp there after all.

After a cold night, but well rested, I woke up to find the weather was completely changed. Clear blue skies and the snow was already melting. The complete change in weather made both day hikes completely different and both very impressive.


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