Swimming at the end of the world


Date Location Activity Notes
18/12/2016-22/12/2016 Argentina, Ushuaia Swimming, getting soaked in the snow and some day trips


During the last few days we did a couple of day hikes, to lake Esmeralda, next to the Beagle, trying to enter the national park, a failed attempt to reach glacier Alvear and getting warm after.

Lake Esmerald; Lake Esmerald is a quite popular destination, and when you reach the lake its clear why. The water has beautiful light blue color (celeste). After arriving at the lake we went a little higher to a second lake next to the glacier.

Hike next to the Beagle; we went for a short hike next to the Beagle, the landscape here is again quite different. Its a hilly grass landscape and cliffs dropping down into the sea. From time to time you could see sealions. On the other side of the Beagle you see the snowtopped mountains in Chilli. Went for a brief swim at th end of the world (fin del mundo), you can barely call it swimming, more running in a few strokes and out again.

Failed attempt Alvear; I prepared the previous day for a 2 or 3 day hike to Alvear and possibly another lake on the other side. I really don’t like to give up but when I finally did during this hike, i mostly wished i had given up sooner. The hike already started with rain, but soon changed into wet snow. Finding the path became more and more difficult, because everything slowly turned white. There were a lot of stone man but when they are covered in snow, and everything around it is covered in snow as well that doesn’t help much. When my rainpants started leaking (my rain jacket already failed long before), and I lost the trail again, I decided to go to the top of the mountain and then go back. Even on the path back i lost the trail a couple of times, because my own foot steps were already gone. When I finally managed to slide down to the road I was completely soaked. I hitchhiked back to Ushuaia and spend the day after warming up.


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