Day treks

A number of day trips.


2017/02/07 Laguna Francia Se Jack
2017/02/09 Cerro Submarino y laguna Submarino y Holanda With Dutch guests Jack
2017/02/11 Cascade Alvear y glaciar Ice caves with Luz
2017/02/12 Laguna verde y azul superior y the pass With Luz


Laguna Francia I had visited before, but this time I went with Jack who had never been there. The laguna was barely visible due to the mist. It was still a nice hike and inspired us for the hike we did yesterday (24/02)

With two of the guests staying at Jacks I went n a hike to cerro Submarino. One of them had vertigo, because of that he didn’t join us to the top. It was funny to see how they were walking up, using all fours, while I could easily walk. Its clear that I have a bit more experience walking without out paths, espacially now I have been staying here for al most 2.5months. The view from the top was very nice, from above the view in all directions was impressive!

Short trek with Luz to cascade Alvear. From the cacade continuing to a small glaciar with ice caves.

Long trek with Luz to laguna Azul superior and to the pas and top above this laguna.


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