Domo Blanco y Azul y Vascos

Day with best weather till now!


2017/02/24 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna Domo Blanco y glaciar Vascos Best weather till now! Long long day trek with Jack


The day with the best weather I have had here till now! So Jack and me decided to go for a long hike. The day before we already planned what we wanted to do more or less, because the prediction was very positive and for once, was completely correct. We had decided to try the pass near laguna Francais and try to pass to the laguna’s behind glaciar Ojo Blanco, laguna Domo Blanco and laguna Azul. This was going to be a long hike and we didn’t know if the pass would be do able. A friend of Jack was joining as well.

We started hiking at 7am, progressing quickly to the end of the valley. Progress up to the pass was slower but not difficult. From the top of the pass the view was good, but we couldn’t really see how we could go down. We decided first to follow a ridge to right and stay at the same height, luckily we decided on this because we quickly found a path of a Guanaco! Following the path we arrived above the pass to laguna Blanco Domo. The colour of the lake was amazing! very very bright blue, of course the colour was even better due to the reflection of the bright blue sky in the lake.

From here we could go down to the lake, a difficult way down but following the foot steps of the Guanaco we managed to get down. The friend of Jack decided to go back half way, because the hike was becoming longer and longer and he wanted to be back in time since he would have guests over. It’s a shame because the best part of the trek still had to come.

From this laguna we continued up a ridge. from where we could see both the lakes Azul and Domo Blanco and as well the laguna at the end of glaciar Vascos and the glacier itself. The laguna at the end of the glacier had a completely different colour of blue and with the glacier behind it made the view amazing.

From the ridge we continued to glaciar Vascos, walking around the lake we looked for ice caves. The ice caves were not that big jet but still very beautiful. We crossed a small part of the glacier, watching the streams and small waterfalls over and in the glacier.

From the glacier we walked back to laguna azul and over the pass to passo Beban. Following passing Beban and turning west before refugio Bonette (where I stayed a week before) we made or way past the valley of laguna Esmeralda and back to the start of our trek. We were back at the car at 7:25pm.

We exchanged pictures at Jacks, and the owner of Quien (the very active brown dog) dropped me back at Luz and Joses place, I was back at 22pm, just in time for dinner, that was prepared by the two Brazilians.

Today, the day after, I write this blog and repaired my pants again…


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