Three day trek – Dos Torres

Three day trek to dos Torres.


2017/02/19-2017/02/21 Argentina, Ushuaia Three day hike near dos Torres Left the tent for two nights at the same spot


Two nights camping near dos Torres and laguna azul superior. I left on Sunday in the afternoon to the valle following rio Chico. Near the tree border, but still between the trees I setup my tent. I brought papas, cebolla y corn for a parisha, but sadly the weather was crap every evening and the last day was raining the entire day, so I never got to prepare this.
The trip itself was great though, nice valleys, great views from the top next to dos Torres, another nearby mountain with two glaciars. On the way back passing over a pass and sliding down the glaciar to laguna azul superior. Next to the laguna I met Jack and Daniel! They brought as well to of the guests that were staying at Jacks, I didn’t expect to meet anyone during this trip and then to meet people you know is quite funny.
The last day I left my tent, hoping it would dry while i went for a hike, I went up to a frozen lake next to the glaciar of dos Torres. Going around the lake I arrived at a pass from where I could see down passo Andora and overlooking two laguna’s and Ushuaia, on the other side a frozen lake and a glaciar, very impressive.
It was raining most of the time, so the tent wasn’t any dryer than when I left for the hike. I still had to pack everything while it was wet and started my walk back to Ushuaia, another 12km.
12km is normally of course not a lot, but without a path average velocity for me is about 2km/h and 12km is measured in a straight line.

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