3 Day trek past Ojo Albino

3 Day trek past Ojo Albino, passo Baban y laguna Ceniza. Frozen lakes, glaciars, but mostly fog and rain.



2017/03/03 Argentina, Ushuaia Hike to laguna and glaciar Ojo Albino and down to passo Beban Fog…
2017/03/04 Argentina, Ushuaia Day trek returning to the same spot, passing to another valley Fog…
2017/03/05 Argentina, Ushuaia Packing my tent and to laguna Ceniza, when the weather improved to the top ofthe hieghest mountain next to the laguna Fog… But as well some sun



Day 1; I first walked to laguna Esmeralda and from there up to laguna Ojo Albino. Laguna Ojo Albino has large floating ice scultptures and reached up to the the glaciar behind it. From time to time you see blocks of ice as high as two stories braking of the glaciar to join the other ice sculptures in the laguna.

I left my large backpack next to the laguna and packed my small backpack with grampons a little food and gloves. My rain jacket and rain pants i was wearing already. From there I went on the glaciar. there were lots of crevasses, but they were easy to see, because the snow had melted. After a while i returned to my back pack and descended to passo beban.

I set up my tent next toa beaver lake, made pasta with sausages and went to bed early to escape the rain.

Day 2; I woke up to see the sunrise, when I looked outside I coudn’t see very far. I was camping in the clouds. I decided to go hiking anyway and went first to a small laguna and than up to the pass i had planned to go to. I couldn’t see where I could cross, it took me 3 failed attempts and more then an hour to find a place where I could go up. Luckily I could go down there as well.

When I was at the top of the pass at first there wasn’t much to see, but within 30 seconds suddenly the clouds lifted and i could see the laguna down below, another minute and the view was gone. At least I knew where to go now. On the way down I passed another small laguna and some patches with snow and a large waterfall next to large laguna down in the valley. The laguna it self had a beautifull color of blue, like someone dropped a number of buckets with paint in the laguna. The view of the vally behind the laguna, when vissible in between the clouds was very impressive as well, first a number of beaver dams and at the lake Vernianes (something like that i don’t remember the exact name).

I returned back to my tent and spotted a beaver gnawwing on atree trunk.

Again pasta and an early night.

Day 3; I woke up with rain and fog. I packed my tent and started hiking to laguna Ceniza. Around 12 the weather started to improve, and I even saw the sun! I decided to leave my backpack next to a small beaver lake just down of laguna Ceniza and to climb the highest mountain next to the laguna, about 500m up. Once at the top the weather had farther improved and the view was great!

At 7pm I was back at the road. I managed to get a ride back within the minute.

Back in the hostel I saw that Jack had left e a message to call him asap. Ihad planned to go hiking with him in Chile in an almost unexplored area. We would cross the boarder to Chile on the 9th the last day of my visa (4 days later). So when I saw his message I already got a little nervous. I called him back and it turned he couldn’t join anymore for the trip. But he had another opportunity for me. I could join Marcel, a good friend of his, to go sailing. We would leave the 7th to Chile. That meant one day of preparation and well in time for my visa.

As Im writing this Im in Puerto Williams in Chile on the sail boat Ilorana (hello in easter islandish).

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