A bay in Chile

Catching crab and sitting out the storm.


2017/03/13-2017/03/14 Chile, Unknwon bay Crossing from the Argentinian side catchhing crabs


After breakfast we checked or net, this time we luckily hadn’t caught so many comeran (aalscholfers), we still had two in the net but they were still alive and we could set them free. We had caught as well a robolo and even better a salmon. We cleaned the fish which we later eat raw. From the salmon we made 3 platters with the fish sliced thin and cover it with ginger and from the left over salmon we had pasta wit the mushrooms we had collected previously. The robolo was used for sevila, a dish of raw fish in lemon juse and koriander.

After this we left the bay near estancia Haberton in the morning and crossed the Beagle channel to the other side. marcel knew that this spot was used by crabfishers and he hoped to find a trap to catch crabs. On the way there we saw again a lot of sealife, in additon to the previously spotted whales, sealions and pinguins we saw now as well a sea otter.

On the rocks on the Chilean side of the channel we found a trap that was in a could state. I could jump from the bow of the vessel on to the rocks and with the help of a rope we managed to get the trap on board of the boat.
We continued to the bay where we would spend the nigth, lowered the anchor, tight some ropes to shore since the weather prediction predicted some heavy weather for the night and tomorrow.

I prepared/repaired the trap. We put the left overs of the fish in the trap and with the dingy we went to a little deeper water to lower the trap. Near the beach we had set out the net.

The next day we recovered the trap, we had caught about 20 centollon and a small centolla. We threw all but the 6 largest centollon back in the sea. For lunch we had pasta with salmon and mushrooms and in the evening we would have an appatizer of salmon, as main crab and for desert calefate that we still had from the previous bay.

After lunch, both Marcel and I went for a short hike. We both went in different directions since had a very different pace. I went to the spot where we had seen the bones of a whale on the beach the previous day. When I arrived there I could only see a few smaller peaces higher on the beach, it was high tide and the rest of the bones were hidden in the waves. I decided to go up a hill. On the way I saw a few fisher boats the had come for shelter in the bay as well.

In the evening we went to visit a fishers boat that had stops in the same bay as we had and we exchanged a bottle of wine for solt and centolla.

The next day the storm would be over and we should be able to cross back to the Argentinian side.

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