Day hike from the sail boat to the Dientes in Chile

2017/03/08 Chile, Puerto Williams Hike to top of one of the Dientes Very different landscape then near Ushuaia

In the morning we had selfmade torta fritas, because its not allowed to import alot of food into Chile. After that we first had to go to do all the boarder control stuff. Around 10:30am I was ready to start a hike. If i walked quickly I would probably make it to go to the dientes and back before 8pm (sunset at 8:30).

The hike was very nice and there was a clear and easy to follow path and I made it to the pass in time. From there I climbed one of the heighest peaks of the Dientes (quite a bit more difficult than the path). From on top the view was amazinf in all directions. I could see islands in sea farther south, the Darwin range west of Ushuaia and of course the mountain nearby and on the other side of the Beagle back in Argentina (some of those I climbed before).

Iarrived back at the boat at 19:30. The pathwas part of a 4 day trek, but in this day I did more then 1/3 and back again in 9h including a paek that was not part of the route. I guess that if i would get up early I could do the complete trek in 1 day.. Maybe next time.

I took a sower and met Marcel in a hostal from which he knew the owner. She was already cooking for me Marcel and two other sailers. The meal was delicious, today the day after we will go there again to eat the left over carne and drink more wine.

Today we fixed something on the boat, a panel, covers for the couches, the zodiac. We did groceries, got gas, water. Everything so we can leave tomorrow. The weather prediction is not to positive for the coming days, so tomorrow we will be able to go to the next bay, do some fishing, collect mushrooms, on the way there spot some pinguins (we sail one of their main collonies). But the days after we will not be able to continue, so more fishing, maybe an asado, we will see.

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