Catching more fish then we could carry…


2017/03/14-2017/03/17 Argentina, bay Espania Catching fish, hiking and collecting calefate Many many dolphins


We started sailing from the Chilean side of the beagle crossing back over to Argentinean side 50 miles farther to the west. During the sailing we saw a lot of sealife, more then 100 dolphins we circling around the boat for the most part of the journey. The dolphins were speeding in front of the boat and on either side making a ll kinds of jumps out of the water. Besides dolphins a huge mulback whale crossed behind the boat, we only saw it fora few seconds coming out of the water and diving back under, the last part we saw was its impressive tale waving in the air. We were lucky to see him, because we hadn’t heard a sound and if we had been looking in the other direction we wouldn’t have noticed anything. Besides this whale a couple smaller whales could be seen, sometimes close by, and some times only the plume of air in the distance. Of course we saw as well many albatrosses, pinguins and sealions.

In the bay at the argentinian side we stayed at two different spots because of change in weather after the first day. In this bay we sat out the net again and directly after setting the net out we saw something maving in the net. We know now that we should have retrieved it right away…

The next day when we checked the net we found the net filled with fish, easily more then 100 robolo were trapped in the net. We tried to free all the ones that were still alive first and did throw them back in the sea. We capped and cleaned 5 big ones and the rest we left for the fultures (seagulls, fuktures and a young condor) on the beach.

I went for a hike up to the heighest mountain that I could see nearby. The area here is lower then near Ushuaia but due to the wind it looks more rough, the tree border is here as well a lot lower then near Ushuaia.

On the way to the top a condor flew over me a couple of times. Its impresive to see them from so close by. From the mountain i had a great view over the river delta down below. On the way back I collected a bag with calefate. Marcel had collected calefate as well so we had enough for a couple days for our selves and lateron even for desert with the party on another sail boat. (the fish started smelling by the time we met with Brice and his party)

The day after we left to Staten island where we met up with Brice and his party.

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