The Pampas

The Pampas, one of the dry regions of South America. While we were there cities were flooded (Comodoro), we collected mushrooms and we got stuck on the boot due to bad weather. But during the sunny days we had, we saw as well a lot.

2017/03/27-2017/04/11 Argentina the Pampas Sailing, crazy weather and a lot of wild life


2017/03/27-2017/04/11 Argentina the Pampas Sailing, crazy weather and a lot of wild life
2017/04/11 Argentina, caleta Helena To much wind/waves to go to shore Maybe we leave later today to go to Madryn
2017/04/10 Argentina, Camerones to caleta Helena With a good strong back stag wind we sailed to caleta Helena To much wind/waves to go to shore
2017/04/09 Argentina, other side peninsula to Camerones We set sail to Camerones, on the way we were surrounded by the black and white dolphins We tried some fishing but I was the only one that caught something and it was although a tasty fish, not enough for dinner for 3, so we added a robolo we had caught in the net the previous day for dinner.
2017/04/08 Argentina, other side peninsula Finally on land again, hiking to the penguin colony On the way saw many guanaco’s, some ostriches, many many penguins and a armadillo. We collected again mushrooms, enough for a couple of meals. In the net we had caught a robolo and 3 weird looking fishes, in Camerones we found out they are called gallo’s.
2017/04/07 Argentina, other side peninsula Storm at sea, 7bf, not possible to reach the land Sitting inside reading, and playing card games
2017/04/06 Argentina, Caleta Hornos to other side peninsula Leaving early with upcoming tide to have the tide in our favour We saw a lot of dolphins, two types, and sea lions. Weather turned worse and worse…
2017/04/05 Argentina, Caleta Hornos Going for a hike and collecting mushrooms in the pampas. This time I saw over 50 guanaco’s In the net we had caught about 50 robolo
2017/04/03-2017/04/04 Argentina, Comodoro Rivadavia to Caleta Hornos Sailing through the night, arriving in a beautiful bay with lots of black and white dolphins, even visible from the anchor place. After arriving went for a hike in the pampas, saw my first guanaco’s Jo has joined our party now.
2017/04/01 – 2017/04/02 Argentina, Puerto Deseado to Argentina, Comodoro Rivadavia We left Deseado early in the morning, clear blue skies the entire time! At the moment the milky way is clearly visible (night watch)
2017/03/31 Argentina, Puerto Deseado After a while the weather improved and we went to shore for the last groceries, repair the sail and a shower! Filing the paper work to leave the next day to pick up Jo in Comodoro. Jo was stuck due to the heavy rain the last days.
2017/03/30 Argentina, Puerto Deseado Rain, rain, rain The next morning there was about 300mm of water in the dingy! In Comodoro there had been floating cars. Really crazy weather for the pampas
2017/03/29 Argentina, Puerto Deseado Went for a hike. First downstream the river and following the coast over some cliffs, there I met some Brazilians and did drive with them the other way upstream the river, from there I walked back. The entire area is desert like, this weather is clearly not common. I walked n total ~25k. In the evening asado with friends of Marcel When I was back at the boat I loaded 100l of petrol and later on the groceries.
2017/03/28 Argentina, Puerto Deseado Went to an internet cafe, spend a couple hours trying to login to fill in my taxes
2017/03/27 Argentina, Puerto Deseado Finishing up the paper work for arriving back in Argentina and cleaning the boat. Carrying 150l of water, from the tap on shore to the dingy, rowing it to the boat, lifting it on on board and filling the tanks. While doing this a lobos (seal) came to have a look. Afterwards I saw from or harbour spot dolphins and penguins in the distance. In the evening we had dinner at the house of one of Marcels friends.
2017/03/26 Argentina, Puerto Deseado We arrived in the morning in Deseado, first signs of civilisation since leaving the beagle channel, to e honest I could do without, it’s not the prettiest city. The weather isn’t helping either, we hoped for a bit warmer weather and sunshine, but since yesterday evening a lot of fog and now it’s raining softly, hopefully it improves tomorrow Close to Deseado we saw black with white dolphins, rock hoppers and malagen penguins. I shaved today, which I hadn’t done for a long time, in fact it’s the third time shaving since I left the Netherlands..


Deseado is the first place where we stopped in the Pampas. I went hiking here, we had two asado’s and another dinner with friends of Marcel and we had a lot of rain.

During the time we were sailing past the Pampas the weather has been crazy. While we were staying in Deseado the amount of rain we had in one day is what they normally have here in two years! We were supposed to meet with Jo in Deseado, but the roads were washed away and I saw some pictures of cars floating in Comodoro, so we decided to go save Jo, and pick him up in Comodoro. Jo is like Marcel quite a bit older then I am, but it’s nice to have a little more company now.

From Comodoro we sat sail to a nearby peninsula. Here we went hiking, fishing (with the net we caught about 50 robolo) and collecting mushrooms. When walking around in the pampas the hills are still brown or red, but now there are as well patches with fresh light green grass, mostly growing on the guanaco pope. During the hikes we always split up, I go separately and come back later to the boat, I take a walky-talky, so I can call. During this hike I saw many guanaco’s and sheep.

The next day i again went for a hike, and saw even more guanaco’s. During this hike I as well collected mushrooms, sufficient for an omelette.

We continued sailing to the other side of the peninsula. On the way passing a penguin colony and a sea lion colony. During sailing we saw again many black and white dolphins. Although I have seen over a hundred of hem now, it’s still great to see how they are playing around the boat, turning in front of the bow, or jumping next to the boat.

When we arrived at the other side of the peninsula, the caleta after caleta Sara. Here we couldn’t go to land a first, so we played card games and read. The second day was no different, but the third day we could go. This area is a national park. Very beautiful, a lot of wild life, like guanaco’s (more used to people, and there for easier to approach), ostriches, armadillo’s, a small sea lion colony and a huge penguin colony. When I came back from my hike Marcel picked me up with the dingy and we directly retrieved the net. We had caught a robolo and 3 weird looking fishes, with a sharp needle on their back and a flap hanging from their nose.

We left to go to Camarones and since there was very little wind we tried some fishing using the fish we caught the previous day as bait and as angle a piece of carton. We were hoping to catch salmon Atlantico, but failed. I caught a small fish (2kg), but after that we had no luck.

In Camarones we arrived on Sunday, it’s a small town (1500 people) and everything except for the petrol station was closed. At the petrol station I managed to use internet for a couple minutes before they shut down. The next morning we did groceries in a small supermercado and left for caleta Helena.

At the moment we are still in Caleta Helena, we can’t go to shore, not while staying dry that is, so I’m typing and my shipmates are reading. If the wind and the waves decrease we will retrieve the anchor and set sail for Madryn or possibly Piramid. Both are at peninsula Valdez, but because the bay is so large (30km wide), depending on the waves and wind in the bay we will go to one or the other. It will be about 120 sea miles, or about 1.5 days sailing.


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