El Chalten rest day

Rest day, short hikes and trying to hitchhike.

Date Location Activity Notes
2017/05/10 Argentina, El Chalten Tried hitchhiking for about 2h, almost no cars so I gave up and bought a bus ticket to Bariloche. In the afternoon made pancakes and then wnt for a short hike up the cliff, the clouds are coming from the lake side, resuting in a special light effect. The bus is supposed to leave at 20:50. Updating the blog, drawing and trying the slack line
2017/05/09 Argentina, El Chalten Rest day and hike to laguna tres Was the third time at the lake, but the first time i could see the Fitz Roy behind it

The weather was perfect so although my rest day still went for a 20k hike. The view at laguno tres was amazing.

The day after i tried hitchhiking for 2 hours, gave up due to lack of cars and bought a bus ticket north. I went for a hike up the cliff next to the town and in evening took the bus to El Bolson.

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