Chilean coast trek

Trek following the coast, through the coast mountains and past bays and beaches.


Date Location Activity Notes
2017/05/23-2017/05/25 Chile, Maicuelpue, Caleta Huelhue, Caleta Condor and back to bahia Mansa and Osorno 2 days hiking and one day getting back by boat and bus Staying overnight in with local (indigenous) people. Helping with catching pigs and painting a new house.


The first day I took the bus from Osorno to Maicuelpue. From there I started my hike, first following the coast on a 4×4 road and later going up towards the coastal mountains. Almost directly at the start I already saw some wildlife, there were sea-lions in the first bay.

When I the 4×4 road ended it wasn’t entirely clear which path to take, but after a couple km there was a sign that proofed I was on the right track. There were from time to time some side tracks but I just always picked the bigger one. Some times I had to look for the path because a tree had fallen and had taken in its fall other trees, bamboo and other plants down as well, but because the forest was so thick it was always clear when you were on a path or not so after crossing the area with the fallen tree it was clear when you were on the path again. In the end I arrived well in time a the first “town” (3 houses and no roads).

I stayed with a family and looked around their farm. The next day another family arrived at their house as well and after talking for a while they took me by boat to cross the river and I continued to Caleta Condor.

The path followed the shore a lot closer than the day before and this time I saw as well dolphins in the waves and found the skull of a lobos (sea-lion) on the beach. I removed 3 of its teeth as souvenirs (one I gave to my cs host).
After a while I arrived in Caleta condor. Again a guy helped me cross the river by boat and after that I followed the shore to the “town”, ten houses orso this time. Here I stayed a gain with a local, a carpenter.

I helped with baking bread, painting the foundation of a new house and catching pigs. The next day a boat arrived, delivered to sheep and took me and the 3 young pigs back to Bahia Mansa. It was first unclear what was going to happen with the boat. the boat was supposed to arrive a day earlier, and at first they were saying the boat would go farther south and stay there for a night. But in the end the boat went directly to Bahia Mansa.

The timing was perfect, the morning the weather had been nice, but as soon as we had rowed to the boat and loaded the pigs, my backpack and some other bags onboard its started raining, but it was nice and warm inside the boat. There were two other passengers, the woman I had seen in Caleta Condor and we talked for a while, she offered me to stay at their place in Bahia Mansa, but if there were still busses I preferred to go directly to Osorno.

A couple hours later we arrived in Bahia Mansa, a part of Maicuelpue, a small fishers bay. From there I started hiking back up the hill, but I soon got a ride from group of fishers that I had briefly talked to in the bay while they had been unloading very big fish from their small fishers boat from.

I arrived in Osorno by bus and walked to the house of my CS host, Lola.

Today its my birthday, so I will do something special… I’m updating my blog and I will go try to buy hiking shoes.
Tomorrow I will go farther north, depending on the success of my shopping to another city, or if I got new boots to some more volcano’s.


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