Hikes to waterfalls and to Villarica volcano.

Date Location Activity Notes
2017/06/02 Chile, Pucon to Temuco Hitchhiking, I got picked up really quick. First ride was with a lady that owned a restaurant, I asked her what Chilean dish i should try, and she invated me over to try at the restaurant. In Temuco I got a hair cut and I stayed with one of the girls i had met in Valdivia.
2017/06/01 Chile, Pucon Hike to a waterfall with Jan After taking the wrong path twice and walking without path through the bush we arrived at the waterfall.
2017/05/31 Chile, Pucon Hike to 3 waterfalls (salto Leon, salto Palguin and salto China) All waterfalls more then 90m high. Raining the entire day
2017/05/30 Chile, Pucon Hike to Vulcano Villarica (2800+m), most active volcano of South America First time seeing lava!
2017/05/29 Chile, Valdivia to Pucon Trying to get permission for the volcano without guide The office was the first 4 times closed although according to the sign it should be open, chile…

The volcano was definietely the most impressive. The first time I saw lava!

The first day it took a longtime to get permission to climb the volcano, as my dad says, i should enjoy this as part of the South America experience. I will try…

The second day the weather was great and i went with a group that had booked atour to the volcano. I had hired an ice axe and helmet, but this turned out not to be really necesary, only for getting the permit. Hike up was pretty strait forward and i over took all the groups that were there with a guide. I arrived at the top sooner then i expected, about 2 hours before they did. Iwas pretty happy i didn’t jon a tour because their pace would have been annoying and it would have been a lot colder…

On the top there was a lot more wind (which made it cold) but a great view in all direction. Down in the crater lava was visible! and smoke and warm air was coming from some holes near the edge of the crater. Very impressive.

I stayed a while till the smoke and the cold became to much and I decended down passing the other groups, that were still on their way up, again. They were all asking if i could see the lava, apparently the last view days this wasn’t possible to see.

Once i was down I first joined a group of local that was having a snowball fight and had hot tea, after that i got a ride back to Pucon with a guide and to brasilians that hadn’t made it to the top.


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