Santiago, hikes and city.

Date Location Activity Notes
2017/06/11-2017/06/13 Chile, Santiago 3 Day trek. The first day I hitcchhiked to 1 of the places where the path starts and hiked to Cerro provincia where i slept in a refuge with my tent pitched in the refuge. The second day following the reach, with lots of fall backs to Cerro Ramon, and descending down the valley without path towards the paths of aquas the san Ramon I camped next to so waterfalls only about 2km in a a strait line from the paths. The last day I covered the last distance to the paths and followed another path back to the start. From there i hitchhiked to a metro station. I went to collect my stuff at ndreas and Leos and checked in at a hostel in the centre. A lot warmer then in the South and many predator birds, condors, some unknown, other birds and some foxes and other small mamals.
2017/06/10 Chile, Santiago Played frisbee in the park with some of the group of the free city tour Prepared for a 3 day trek
2017/06/09 Chile, Santiago I went with Diago to Cerro san Christal, a hill in the city, and afterwards had a huge luch for 2500pesos at the main market I cooked Asian food in the evening, for Andrea and Leo and another friend I knew from the bar we went to on the first day.
2017/06/08 Chile, Santiago I had to relocate because Andres had some more friends come over. I moved to Leones street couch surfing with Andrea and Leo Andrea made me feel directly very welcome and had some tips where I might find info for more hikes. In the eveing she had made pumpkin soap and sopapia with pumpkin flower
2017/06/07 Chile, Santiago Walked around through the city and at 3pm I had the free walking tour and stayed with the group at a bar for a while
2017/06/06 Chile, Santiago I arrived at 7 in rush hour. I was staying with Andres so I went to his place before he left for work. During the day I went hiking in park aquas the san Ramon. In the eveing i went to a bar with Tirso, a friend of Zylvester from back in NL Completely different type of nature again, cacti and snow on the background

After traveling so long to mostly small towns and mountains the city is quite a big difference. But even here i went for some hikes in the surrounding mountains.

The nicest hike was a 3 day trek to Cerro Provincia and Cerro san Ramon. I first went with the metro as close to the start as i could go and from there I hitchhiked to the start. In the end I started at a different spot then i planned, but the advantage was that I didn’t have to pay the entrance fee, the disadvantage that i didn’t know the way exactly and a couple of extra km. i had time anyway.

The first day I walked to cerro provincia (2600+m). At the top there is a refuge where I pitched my tent with in the hut. The hut is to big for one person to warm, but with a tent in the hut it was actually almost to warm. Outsideit was still freezing but the temprature here are clearly better then farther south and what i had been used to.

The sunset was very beautifull. A predator bird followed me around and came as close as half a meter. The city was completely coverd in clouds, only the highest tower of south america, part of the largest mall of south america was visible between the clouds.

Th next morning i woke up early, melted more snow for water for the coming day and packed my stuff for an early start. The path continued over the reach towards Cerro san Ramon (3250m), the highest mountain next to Santiago. The view was very impressive in both directions. A condor did fly very close over me, that keeps impressive!

i arrived at san Ramon at 2pm, there was a refuge there but i thought it was to early to stop and I went down the slope making my own path in direction of the Aquas de san Ramon park where I had walke the first day. Going down was a little difficult because of deep snow, slipery smooth rock slopes and clay slopes but in the end I arrived at a spot just below the last snow next to a couple waterfall that made, say it slightly crooked, but otherwise perfect spot to camp. I pitched my tent, got water from one of the waterfalls and went to bed with a beautifull sunset.

At sunrise I started again. After about one and a half hour i reached a path again and followed it, a different way then the first day, back to the city.

The other days I walked around in town, did a city tour, went to the market, climbed the hill in town, museums, all that kind of stuff.


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