City and 3 day trek

Date Location Activity Notes
2017/07/01 Argentina, Mendoza Trying to buy a clip for my backpack and managing to buy a compas, I lost the previous one during the hike Playing frisbee at 4pm with the same group as last week
2017/06/30 Argentina, Mendoza Hike to cerro d’Arca and playing frisbee in the park. To the mountain by bus took 45min, by car hitchhiking back took about half an hour
2017/06/27-2017/06/29 Argentina, Mendoza 3 Day hiking with Lie, near the lake next to Portillos. A dog followed us during the hike, she was very polite, in the morning when opening the tent the first thing she did was trying to lick your face. The first day the weather was not so great, but the second and 3th day we just had clear blue skies. The second day we camped next to the lake with a view on the snowy mountains. When the sun sunk below the mountains we started a campfire. The last day we walked back to the road, crossing again the railway bridge and hitchhiked back to Mendoza while drinking matte. It was a little difficult to not follow the path because of the bushes and cacti with spikes
2017/06/24-2017/06/26 Argentina, Mendoza Park, ultimate frisbee, free city tour, cooking, trying to arrange a 3 day cycling trip, but because there are no bikes changed it to hiking
2017/06/23 Argentina, Mendoza Me and theguy i knew from Valpariso and Santago spend the day in the park, got a to do list for Mendoza of students at the university and went to a small cafe Waiting till i get my new creditcard… The current one expires this month

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