Hikes in the desesrt

Date Location Activity Notes
2017/06/22 Argentina, Uspallata Hike to 7 color mountain, really impressive. In the eveing I took the bus to mendoza I met with . angain, we just walked into eachother when I walked from the bus station to the hostel
2017/06/21 Argentina, Uspallata Changed hostel and after that went hiking to a site with inca drawings, on the way i hitchhiked some parts and on the way back i walked through the hills. The hills have a lot of different colors and shapes. One hill looked like it a liquid was poored over it. In the background you could see the snow covered tops of the Andes. Complete different weather and temprature then the mountains, i walked without shirt.

In the morning I changed hostels and after that went for a hike to some Inca rock drawings. The drawings were not easy to spot but still nice to see. There used to be an Inca road here, and according the the book I am currently reading, “The gold eaters”, this road was better then the roads there used to be in Europa around that time. I think this book is a good read for anyone traveling around in this area.

From the Inca drawings, I went to the hills, the hills here have a lot of different colors due the different types of minerals in the ground. The minerals give different colors to the chalk stone around it. The shapes of the hills are as well very beautifull to see and reminded me of Skazka valley in Kyrgyzstan. Due to the different types of stone, some area’s are erodated while others are still standing, resulting in rock sculptures with a lot of different shapes. One of the most impressives hills looked like a high viscosity liquid had been poured over it.

The second day I went to cerro 7 color. The colors of this mountain were even more impressive. When i got back to Uspallata I decided to takea bus in the evening to Mendoza. Arriving in mendoza I met one of the guys of Valpariso again! I prety much walked into him on my way to a hostel were he was staying as well.


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