San Pedro de Atacama

Stolen backpack…






Date Location Activity Notes
2017/08/06 San Pedro Going with Ana to the river, updating blog, going to the police (money has been stolen…), booking a tour, trying to get money back for the fake phone charger After twice being robbed in less then two weeks Im happy im leaving chile soon
2017/08/05 San Pedro Cycling to laguna Cejar, laguna Tebenquiche y the liberary in the desert, over 70km Swimming in one of the 3 lakes at the first place and flamingos in the distance at the second place. In the evening a campfire in the hostel
2017/07/25 Chile, San Pedro de Atacama Today cycling (and short hikes) from 9 till 18:00, death valley and throuth of the devil. Again very impressive, saw many llamas. At 8p the bus to Calama… From there another bus to Santaigo, arriving in Santiago a little before 8pm the next day. Sand boarding in the death valley
2017/07/24 Chile, San Pedro de Atacama Hiking to Inca ruines and in a dried up salt river with the German girls. In the evening cooking together with the German girls and Judith
2017/07/23 Chile, San Pedro de Atacama Trying to arrange things with the ambase, and broken phone… Bad luck never comes alone…
2017/07/22 Chile, San Pedro de Atacama I went cycling to the moon valley, very beautifull! Drinks with a group from chile in the hostel, fun night. In the evening cooked dinner for 6 people, they said i can always become cheff here






San Pedro is a really touristic place. The area is very beautifull though and its nice to talk English again. Actually in Copiapo I could talk English as well with Pablo.\

The city in in the middel of a desert surrounded by salt deserts, salt lakes and weird shaped rocks. In the distance you see the mountain that seperate Chile from Bolivia and in the other direction the mountains boardering Argentina.

Most of the days I went cycling here to the different valleys, through cajons, to Inca ruins and to salt lakes


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