5Day trek in the jungle


Date Location Activity
2017/08/27-2017/08/31 Bolivia, Rurrenabaque survival trek in the jungle We had to be at 9am at the tour agency, the guide showed up half an hour later. Around 10 we left first to cross the river and from there we took a car to a small farm from where we would start the hike. At the farm we first made around, while the guide explained about the different plants, cocao (the fruit around the beans is very tasty!), papaya, and many others. After that we started hiking, we were with three and 2 guides (brothers, for the the jungle there are always at least 2 guides). Soon we had to cross a creek and it turned out that te advice from the tour office about which shoes to take was completely wrong, we would have to cross many creeks/rivers and the mountainboots we all had are not ideal for that the guides said that sport shoes would have been ideal… |In the office we all had specificly asked for which shoes, I had even shown the options i had.
We continued hiking and later on saw a cameleon running away, he was a little lo ger then a meter.
On the way there were many butterflies (espacialy the blue ones and the green ones were very impressive), and spiders.
We sat up camp next to the river with plastic as a roof and on the ground, musketo nets and sleeping mats. We went farther up river for a shower in a waterfall.
As diner we had rice and a sauce of palmito, palmito is the top part of one of the trees we had cut with manchette, it tasted very good.The next day we all woke up at 7am as we had discussed the previous night, except for the main guide, he woke up at 10am. His brother had made breakfast for us and shown us a snake. After the main guide had had breakfast as well we started walking. This day we went over a hill, and between the tree there was sometimes an impressive view over the jungle. For lunch we had some palmito (very little) and continued to the next camp. Now the guide was suddenly worried we didn’t have much time and hes started to rush, not paying any attention to the rest of the group. (the jungle experience was great but the guide was not very good, his brother was way better, he was supposed to be learning, but he already was a better guide, doing way more effort to show us things, and actually saying what was happening, his brother, Marco, would just run off and do what ever he felt like). After going dow from the hill we sat up camp next to the river.

The 3th day we woke up around 8am had breakfast, like every day a type of torta frita, and started hiking. Many river crossings this day. We went fishing for sardines. And in the evening we build a camp from scratch with a roof from palm leaves.

The 4th day we woke up at 4:30am to try to see animals at night. After a view minutes we say the eyes of an animal and later we could see it was a tapir. The tapir crossed the river to our side and disappeared into the bushes. We continued, but didn’t see anymore large animals. After a while there was the noise of a storm, it turned ou these are hauler monkeys, the only live in groups of 4/5 but it sounds like hunderds. We continued back to camp, broke up and continued hiking. On the way we saw many birds and insects, different types than we had see on the first to days, parrots, tucans spider monkeys, kept following the river and crossing many times, the river got bigger and bigger and I switched my shoes for flipflops, but most of the time i was walking bare foot. On the way we saw a group of wild bores (over a 100). We tried to get as close as possible but when we got close they started running. We continued but we just got our bags and we heard more wild boars. We crossed the river towards the sound and hided between the dead trees. A few of the boars crossed very close to us and after a while our guides went in with a machette to try to catch dinner, it didn’t work. We continued till it was getting dark and setup camp. At night after dinner the guide thought he saw the eyes of a jaguar, we went looking and there were new footprints…

The next day we all got up a 4:30am again, but the guide first had to repair his flipflops, that had broken the previous day, we had to wait for 20minutes… After that went looking for jaguars, we didn’t see any but it was still cool to see how the jungle got alive. We collected our stuff and went to the river from where we would be picked up by a boat. At the river we went swimming and fishing. The guides caught 2 mantle rays, which we had fr lunch. Round 13:30 we were picked up by a boat and went back in 3hours to Rurrenabaque.



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