La Paz – city and mountain

La Paz and climbing the Hyana Potosi

Date Location Activity Notes
2017/08/22 Bolivia, La Paz – Bolivia, Coroico First death road with bicycles and after that the bus a little farther to Coroico. The vews from the road were impressive, first bare mountain tops with snow and later the jungle
2017/08/21 Bolivia, La Paz Rest day, city, fixing camera, buying a bag for laptop
2017/08/18-2017/08/20 Bolivia, Cerro Hyana Potosi (6088m) 3 day trek to Cerro Hyana Potosi (6088m).
First day we went by car from La Paz to the base camp (4800m, as high as the mt Blanc), from the base camp we walked to the glacier for practice on the glacier, walking and ice climbing.
Second day we walked to the second camp (5200m), I walked a little on the galcier and afterwards we relaxed in the sun.
The last day… Actually at 00:00 we got up and at 1:30am we started hiking to the top with our headlights. The entire route was glacier. We arrived at the top just before the first sunlight reached the top. The 3 others from our group didn’t make it. With day light we walked back to second camp, relaxed there for a bit and walked from there back to the base camp. Me and Belen both slept in the car back to La Paz.
Very nice hike and beautiful glacier
2017/08/17 Bolivia, La Paz We went by telecabine to Mercado de Alto, at the top of the hill in La Paz, a huge market where they sell everything from cloths to tools, to food to complete cars. When we came back we booked the tour to Cerro Potosi 6000+m) De Alto is the bigger and cheaper area up the hill from La Paz, in this area a lot of people live “illegally”, meaning people just build a house and later ask the goverment to build a road. Same thing is that people try to be registered outside of La Paz, sot hey only pay taxes for a small town, which is way cheaper than for La Paz. Another funny thing is the streat venders, they are currently protesting because the goverment wants to register them, they dont want this because now they can sell there corner or part of the street for a lot of money, when registered this is not possible anymore. They still wouldn’t have to pay taxes or anything after registration.
2017/08/16 Bolivia, La Paz We arrived in the morning in la Paz, walked the main area with hostels and found a place to stay. we went to a mercado for breakfast and later another mercado for lunch. We walked around a bit and tried a lot of tour agencies for info and prices to the jungle, pampas, death road and cerro Potosi.

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