3Day 2night tour in the pampas, spotting dolphins, caiman

Date Location Activity
2017/09/01-2017/09/03 Bolivia, Rurrenabaque Pampas The Pampas. We were picked up from the hostel/hotel around 9:15. |We did drive for about 3h from where we continued by boat. From the boat we saw alligators, pink dolphi s, turtels, many different types of harrols, kingfishers, Capybara, monkeys (capuchino, hauler, Squirrel monkeys and many other animals. In the evening we first watched the sunset and and with the the headlight you could see the eyes of the aligators, there are really a lot. We had dinner and played cards.

The second day we went to a swamp area to look for anaconda’s, it took a while but in the end one of the other guides found ad trapped one slightly over 2m. we returned to the camp had lunch. There were capuchino monkeys in the camp and an aligator who i could touch. After this we went swimming with dophins, on the way we saw a hauler monkey in the tree and two large tucans (in the jungle there was another type). The dolphins didnt care much bout us but it was very cool. In the evening we watched the sunset, i played frisbee with some local kids and we had dinner and played cards.

The last day we left the camp by boat to watch the sunrise. In th morning all the birds fly to the pampas to eat and at night they go back to the mountains to sleep. We had breakfast and went piranhia fishing, it was mostly the guide catchig fish, I and belen didn’t catch anything. We went back to the camp to eat the piranhia’s and for lunch and went back by boat and car to Rurrenabaque.

At 6:30pm we had a night bus to La Paz.


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