Potosi, Sucre y Cochabamba

Cities in Bolivia, a colonial city, a festival and mine.


Date Location Activity Notes
–/–/– Country, Place Activity Note
2017/08/15 Bolivia, Cochabamba We walked around through the city, the market, some squares and he river. In the eving we took the night bus to La Paz. They sold us the wrong ticket to La Paz, first told us we had to get into another bus (while or lugage had been placed in another bus) and in the end they had a bout 2hours delay, definitely not the best bus company, but the ticket was only 30Bs (3,80Euro) for a 10h bus journey.
2017/08/14 Bolivia, Cochabamba Me and Belen went to a festival in honour of la virgen de Copacabana. This was a little out of the city with a large market. We bought two seat on one of the benches that were setup for this event and watched the different groups from different regions walking/dancing past. Each region had its own specific costumes, type of dance and music. We left or bench a couple times to eat or to have a drink. In the evning we went back to the hotel.
2017/08/13 Bolivia, Sucre In the morning I went to the dinosaur park, where they have the largest collection on dino footprints of the world. The park it self was nice but the footprints itself were more impressive, the largest footprints had approximately diameter of 70cm. I hitchhiked back to Sucre and went walking around through Sucre, the mercado central, the park and the cementary. The city is very white due to its clonial history. In the evening i took the night bus to Cochamamba
2017/08/12 Bolivia, Potosi In the morning me and Belen, a girl from Spain, joined a procession with music and fireworks that went through the city to a place where thay would have drinks, dinner and a party. Belen stayed and i went back to take a bus to Sucre. Walkign through the bus gave aswell a nice view of the city away from the centre.
2017/08/11 Bolivia, Potosi In the morning I went wih an spanish excursion to the mine on the mountain next to Potosi. With the tour we first bught a presents for the mine workers, coca leaves and 96% alcohol (I dont believe ists that strong, I tried and it was like wodka). With the tour you go down the shafts walking and crawling. The mine workers explain how the system works, that they only get payed for the minerals they harvest. After the mine I got lunch in the hostel and walked through the town. Its a way nicer town than any of the towns i have seen in Chile or Argentina and way more happening as well. There were a lot of parades with music, costumes and dancing.
2017/08/10 Bolivia, Potosi Walked around though town, got cash, went to Ojo de Inca, a hot spring near the city, and walked around there On the way to the laguna I found a baby goat, left alone, I brought him back to a ahouse and they said they were gonne take car of him…
2017/08/09 Bolivia, Uyuni-Bolivia, Potosi After arriving in Uyuni I took the bus to Potosi, very lively city Potosi is more than 4000m above sea level



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