5 Day trek to Choqekirao ruines

2017/09/29-2017/10/03 Peru Choqekirao

5 Day trek with 4 others, 2 days to go to the site, 1 day there and 2 days back (we went back with 3). About half of the time I was waiting for the others.
The site Choquekirao was build by the inca’s. About 30% is at the moment recovered. On the first day there we visited all the sides on the main hill, including houses terrasses (with llama’s) and a clock (the stone in the centre of the clock was removed so the heli of the wives president could land there).
The second day at the side we went first to the terrasses and the waterfall (for a swim) down the hill and afterwards back down to the river and a little up the hill on the otherside.
The last day we walked back to the top (for me 2.5h walking and 2.5h waiting) and than a bus back to Cuzco. This was the most exhausting part for me because the bus was crazy hot.The others even brought vegetables for dinner.




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