The vulcano rising up next to Arequipa, vulcano Misti.

2017/09/23-2017/09/24 Peru vulcano Misti 5800 2 Day trek, to the start and back with 2 different tour companies. First daay walked to the base camp, arriving around 12:15. A group that was going back gave me there left over food, chicken soup croupook?? and nuts. After setting up my tent continued to the top, arriving around 5pm. No time to explore, I returned to the bace camp 4500m.
Second day left the camp at 4:30. Still dark. Walked back to the top and now went as well to the crator and the view point. At 9am I started the way down to the base camp. Sliding quickly down in the vulcanic sand.
At the base camp I met the other group again (they had started walking at 1am). I packed my tent and asked their guide whether they could give me a ride back, they could but i was not allowed to tell how much i paid (30sol). On the way there were lots of different yellow birds.

In the time of the Inca’s the vulcano Misti, than still known under another name, did erupt, eventhough the inca’s had sacrificed the people to the god of the vulcano (there is a museum in Arequipa on a mumy that was found in the crater). Because of the betrayal of the god of the vulcano the inca’s forgot the name of the vulcano now called Misti. Only in the 19th century the vulcano got back a name, Misti.


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