Lima, the second biggest dessert city of the world

2017/10/08 Peru – Lima I went to a archelogical side directly next to the hostel and did a tour there. The side used to be a temple in the middle of the dessert, 8km from the closest river. From 500 AC to 800AC. 2017/10/23-2017/11/07 Peru – Lima In this time I went surfing a lot. Meeting people from the hostel. Going to the poorer parts of Lima with the organisation from the hostel to distribute food and play with the kids. Two city tours (one crapy one good). Meeting Ema, cooking together, surfing, going to the beach. Swimming with d’Ricardo and Louis (from the peruvian family) for chocolate cake, a city tour, going swimming and just talking at the beach. Chocolate museum for free samples. I brought my laptop to the Acer service for repairs, the next day my cellphone broke. Just like last time after my laptop got stolen it seems that everything just happens at the same moment. I bought a new second handphone (repair would be more expensive) and after calling many times I got my laptop back after about 2 weeks. 2017/10/22 Peru – Lima I left for another cheaper hostel a bit farther from the coast. The streets were empty… It turned out that today there was the senses. Everyone is supposed to stay at home while people go from door to door to collect forms with information for the statistics. They do this every 10years in the entire country. It was weird to see the city so empty. After checking in I explored the city and went to the beach. At the beach I met a Peruvian family that invite me to have dinner with them and have a coffee. Over the time i stayed in Lima I have met them a couple times. Either for coffee or to eat or at the beach.

I originally planned to skip Lima. But now I’m here I actually really like it. There might not be as much to do, but I like the atmosphere and I really enjoy the surfing.

The first day in Lima I met a family that lives in Miraflores, the same area as where Im staying, close to the beach. I first met them at the beach where I asked them to watch my backpack while I went for a swim. Afterwards we starting talking and they invited me to try coffee in their house. I ended up having dinner with them and coffee after which they dropped e by car close to the hostel.

I met d’Ricardo and Louis (the man of the family and one of his friends) after this many times at the beach. They invited me another day as well for coffee and chocolate cake after which they took me for a drive to explore the city. They told me a lot about the history of the city and pointed out good places to visit and locations like the old palace of Francisco Pizzaro (the conqueror and first viceroy of Peru) and many other sides. The tour they gave me told me way more about the city than the first city tour I was going to do the day after.

During my stay in Lima I have been surfing about 8 times now. Improving, almost, every time. Especially yesterday 7/11 was a really good day. I was together with one of the guys from the surf shop, he had his free day. And he was giving me tips while we were waiting for a good wave. most of the time i got the same waves as he did and we would ride next to each other and I would try to paddle back a quick as he did. I would still need more time than he did though.

From the two city tours i did in Lima the first one really sucked. The guy was mostly showing places where we could buy stuff. really a shame because Lima has been the first capital of this Spanish colony. There are ruins of the inca’s (not much but they found some underneath the palace) and there are ruins from the Lima culture (some of these are directly next to the hostel). The second tour was way better. So for everyone still wanting to try a city tour, go with the guys in a yellow shirt and skip the green and blue ones (some other guys from the hostel told me that the blue one sucks as well).

Saturdays. Every Saturday is a special day in this hostel. On Saturday we first cook together in huge pots and afterwards we take a taxi to some of the poorer areas of Lima. The first time I joined we went to a school where the kids were preforming a dance. We handed out the food outside of the school area and afterwards played with the kids. i had my frisbee and soon most of the kids were joining. I heard later that the principal had been mad because the game got a little too rough. The second time we went to a different area. Again we handed out food, played frisbee. i had kids climbing on me, drumming on the table. It was a lot of fun, i wouldn’t mind staying there the entire day.

I went to the cinema twice. Once with a group from the hostel once with Ema. First to blade runner and one to Geo-storm or so, an apocalypse movie, like the day after tomorrow.

With Halloween we had a BBQ in the hostel. The day after was day of the dead. That means that people go to the cementatries to visit their lost and to drink beer, listen to music or just hang out with them. We wanted to see this and following the directions from the guide I had with the second city tour we walked to a cementary. On the way we arrived at a bit crapier neighborhood. We were not sure whether we should continue since in Lima people warn you a lot. A police car showed up, and they asked us where we wanted to go. After a while they said we shouldn’t continue this way and they offered us a ride in the back of the car. We arrived at the cementary and walked around. Its weird to see people drinking beer at a graveyard. We decided to take a taxi back to the centre. On the way we got out when we saw a procesion. The procesion was for one of the only not white saints i have ever seen and one of the most important saints from lima, San Martin (not to be confused with San Martin the Liberator). November is his month.

Every night there is dancing with music and sometimes with bands on the square. Sometimes now when i go there people recognize me because i had been talking with them there before. The city feel more and more familiar, only disadvantage there are no mountains or nature directly nearby.


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