Nazca lines

Flying over the Nazca lines


2017/10/18Peru – Nazca and IcaI arrived in the morning in Nazca. From the bus station I directly went to a hotel and from there to the airport to see the Nazca lines. In the afternoon after lunch I continued to Ica.


I arrived early in the morning from Cuzco. At the bus-station they directly try to sell you flights over the Nazca lines. But surprisingly they first let me prepare my backpack when I told them I wasn’t going to buy a tour until I had my stuff sorted out. I guess that was a smart move because after this I was actually interested in getting a tour. They told me I could first have a look at the options at their place directly next to plaza the armas (the central square of any Peruvian city). They had different options but the plane that was going to leave first, the smallest, closest to the ground and longest option, still needed filling up so they gave me a discount and I went for it. At the airport I still had to wait a while, but that actually made it possible to watch the national geographic movie they were showing on the screen about the lines.

The lines were probably build as open air temples to the gods (there are a lot of other theories including aliens, but personally I think this sounds a little more realistic ;)). Probably mostly to ask for rain. Near the lines they found graves of headless bodies, the heads were found on a big temple complex in the hills. Since there are no signs of struggle they suspect the humans were offered and not results of combat.

The lines were made by first measuring, marking with sticks and later moving the stones a side and removing the top layer of the desert. The harsh dry environment preserved the line for over 2000years. Now when you fly over roads are crossing though the lines but the lines are still very clear, varying from tens of meters till hundreds of meters big. There are shapes of animal, monkeys, humming birds, humans and geometrical shapes.

After the flight I was brought back to the hostel, I had lunch, picked up my backpack and took the bus to Ica. In Ica I went for dinner, chifa (the peruvian version of Chinese), with a girl from Canada. In the evening we played first table football and after that pool. I called it a night while she went to a party in a bodeja.


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