Peruvian roadtrip

Roadtrip at the coast


2017/10/21Peru – Ica to Paracas to Lima roadtripWe left “early” to go first to Paracas and in the evening to Lima. In Paracas we first went on a boat tour to some of the islands and passing an archeological side on the hill made in the same period as the Nazca lines. After the boat tour we went to the national park with red cliffs different rock formations and lots of vultures. With sunset we continued towards Lima. I fall as sleep in the car and they brought me to a hostel. They went out, but I called it an early night. In the morning they said good bye before there flight to Cuzco


We (me a Colombian girl and and two Colombian guys) left from Ica towards Paracas. In paracas we first went by boat to one of the islands. On the way to the island we passed a figure on the hill made by people from the same time as the Nazcas (~500BC). After this we continued to the islands. Around the islands there were lots of sealions (lobos) and these islands themselves were completely covered with different types of birds, including cormeran and penguins. Because of these birds the islands were as well completely covered with bird shit. Every ten years or so people would go to these islands to harvest the bird shit that is used as fertilizer. A shitty job.

On the way back we even saw some bottle nose dolphins.

We continued by car to the national park. The road through the park is about 30km. going past lots of cliffs, red beaches (because of an underwater volcano) and different rock formations. We continued to Lima around sunset and I fall asleep in the car.

The next morning the Colombian girl went to my bed to say good bye.



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