1 Year on the road…

A year has come and gone…

Today, I have been traveling a year. 28th of November 2016 I left the Netherlands and started my trip. The year went by very quick and very slow at the same time. A lot has happened in a year, hiking, trekking, climbing, getting my stuff stolen, meeting new people, sailing, trying to learn Spanish, surfing, the list keeps on going. What can happen in a week while traveling is way more than what normally happens in a year. Below I will look back on some of the highlights.

Maybe the best part of my trip, Patagonia. Patagonia is still one of the best parts of my trips, the multiple day treks in the mountains without seeing a trace of any human presence.

For example, the first time I was in Chile, one of the best treks. I found some oil drums, at least 2 days hiking from the closest road, later I found out they were dumped there years ago because a war with Chile seemed imminent. After passing the drums I crossed the border to Chile (illegally, no official boarder cross) and later back to Argentina, in the national park (again illegally because i didn’t pay the park entry coming from the wrong side). It turned out the border post to between Argentina and Chile had been moved 1 km farther into the territory of Argentina.

When I had to leave because my visa was about to expire, I got a job on a sailboat. Originally, I planned to go to Chile with Jack, for a long trek in the mountains in an unexplored area, only recently a road had been constructed (for 4 by 4s). But plans change… Jack got sick and although recovering definitely not fit enough for a 10day trek. But a friend of his, Marcel, needed help on his sailboat. So I ended up on his old boat. He used to go to Antarctica and sail by himself around the world. During the sailing he had many impressive stories and we ended up at amazing places. I often went hiking for a day from which ever bay we landed (Dientes, ). We would catch fish, crabs, collect mushrooms. On the way we saw dolphin’s whales, sealions, albatrosses, penguins and many other animals. It was an amazing adventure. Still, after about 1,5 month I was glad to be in a city again, in Puerto Madryn, and see people again, people from my own age.

After this slowly traveling up north first in Argentina than Chile (Torres del Paine), Argentina (El Chalten), Chile (Vulcano Puyehue, Indigenous trek near the coast, up to Santiago) Argentina (Next to the Aconcagua, Uspallata and Mendoza), back to Chile (Villarica volcano, Uyuni) to Bolivia (Hyuana Potosi, above 6000m, Jungle and the Pampas, Sajama), Chile again and now Peru, with Misti volcano, Choqukirao, Machu Pichu, and Auzangate. After all this I arrived in Lima. And now…

Im currently looking for a job, I will go back to the Netherlands sometime soon, to visit family and friends and than back to here, work for a while and will see what happens. I think many many more stories will follow.


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