On the 25the of December I had a flight from Lima to Barcelona, back in Europa. On the Airport my uncle aunt and cousins were waiting for me and we went together to their home in in the small town Canet de A’dri (close to Gerona).

I had a great time with them, going for a walk in the hills near their house, overlooking the fields with olive groves. Mountain Biking with my cousin and sightseeing in Gerona, snowboarding for a day. A very welcoming return to Europa.

After a couple days my parents arrived as well in Canet d’Adri with their campervan. We went for another hike and with new years made typical Dutch “oliebollen”, appelbouliers, fried pineapple, and fried banana.

On the first day of the new year I left with my parents back north towards the Netherlands. The first stop was in Ur, just over the Spanish border in the Pyrenees. In this area we went hiking a couple times. Below in the valley there was little snow, but higher in mountains the snow got thicker.

We continued to Sully, close to Orleans. We went hiking here for a day and continued the day after back to the Netherlands, to the new house of my parents.

In the month I was in the Netherlands I met some of my friends, not by far of the ones I wanted to see and not as often as I would have wanted either, but it was still very good to see them.

I visited as well my sister, as well the first time I saw here new place in Amsterdam, and saw my grandparents a couple times and one of my aunts.

During the days I was at home I helped my dad with some chars that always come with a new house but spend most time sorting out my pictures. altogether it was a very relaxed visit to Europa. Today the 29th I have a flight to Barcelona, arriving at 23:59 and tomorrow morning at 6am I have a flight back to Amsterdam and to Lima arriving 30/01/2018 at 19:15 in Lima.

This month 2 of my friends from the Netherlands are coming to Peru as well, so we will do some hikes and stuff together and hopefully I have a bit more luck finding an engineering job.


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