Day 1 – 7 day trek– circuito Alpamayo


The first day I walked from Cashapampa to Hualcayan and up the mountain.

Arriving in Cashapampa I had to buy an entrance ticket for the park, normally this was 150sol for 10 days, but as so many things in Peru the price went down to 80sol for 10days.

Hike started first slowly going up and down past 2 villages where people were working on the land, a man with an ox plowing the field, harvesting, and planting new crops. A local that normally worked as guide in Huaraz in the high season told me about the track I was going to do, he wished me good luck and said the path was easy to follow, but that 8days might be tight.

From the second village, Hualcayan, the path went steep upwards, around 5pm I started to look for a place to setup my tent and in the end camped on the path itself.

During the hike I had seen lots and lots of Colibri’s, not once managing to take a picture, they are so damn fast.


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