Huaraz 7day trek including Santa Cruz


The trek is a circuit around the Alpamayo. I decided to go clockwise ending with the Santa Cruz trek.

The trek started at Casha Pampa.

The first day I walked from Cashapampa to Hualcayan and up the mountain.

The second day I continued, going past Laguna Cullicocha (4623m) and over two passes of (4860 and 4770m), to Ruina Pampa.

The third day, over the Caracara pass (4830m), to Huillca, a “town”, with two families, where I stayed with a further and his son.

The fourth day, over the Huillca pass (4610m), to Pishcopampa.

The fifth day, past Laguna Huercucocha and over two passes including the Alto Pucaraju (4640m), to the valley near Laguna Piramide.

The sixth day, over Punta Union (4760m) and with a side trek to Laguna Arhueycocha, camping a little farther near Laguna Jatuncocha.

The seventh and last day I walked down to Cashapampa.


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