Day 2– 7 day trek– circuito Alpamay


The second day I continued, going past Laguna Cullicocha (4623m) and over two passes of (4860 and 4770m), to Ruina Pampa.

I woke up when flash lights went over my tent around 5am. Two guys where from the village where going up. I stayed a little longer in my tent and then decided to continue as well. For breakfast I made pasta while preparing my backpack. The previous night had been raining and for dinner I had only eaten some cookies.

The path continued up past a beautiful laguna, Cullicocha, and afterwards up over a pass of 4860m a little down and up again over another pass of 4770m. From 11am it had been raining and on the passes the rain changed to hail and to snow, still the snow mostly directly disappeared. Only the last few 100 meters there stayed a little snow.

After the second pass I went down to the town Alpamayo. I asked if I could stay inside because everything was wet. This was not possible, but they told me a bout a small hut at Ruina Pampa (4066m).

From 5pm the weather improved slightly and some of my cloths dried slightly. I found the ruins which were spread over quite a large area (on internet I can only find it is from a pre-Hispanic civilization..).

I pitched my tent in the small hut and covered it with plastic (the hut leaked a little), I hanged my cloth to dry and looked around.


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