Huaraz – new backpack, eating and Chavin


The first day after the trek I mostly relaxed and ate a lot. I also had to buy a new backpack, my old one was tearing at the waist-belt, both where its connected to the backpack as at the second connection with which you can adjust how the support goes around your waist, in addition it was now tearing at both the shoulder supports, on the front side where the soft padding is stitched to a  cord.

Getting a new backpack took some effort, especially because I wanted a larger one and because the prices are sometime crazy, in the end I found one, 80l and a reasonable price.

The next day I went to Chavin. Chavin is from a culture from way before the Inca’s. It has been built between 1200BC and 800BC. The complex consists of a main square with tribunes around it and a large temple. Under the ground there is a system of canals and tunnels. They think that the canals were used in the religious ceremonies that were held within in the temple complex which it self is a maze of rooms and hallways.

The third day back I plant to go for another hike. But because of the holidays, semana santa, it was difficult to get the transport I wanted. In the end, after changing my mind many times, I decided to take the night bus to Trujillo.

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