Around 12 the second day in Trujillo I took a bus to Chiclayo, I was told it would take about 2hours, so at 4pm when I arrived I started looking for a place to stay, I couldn’t find anything, and I didn’t like the city that much, so I tried to take a bus directly the same evening. All the bus tickets were sold out…

I the end I found a hotel, 25sol for a private room between the market and plaza de armas.

The second day I visited the market, and took a colectivo to Tecume (45min), a archeological site. Tecume was a large complex of adobe pyramids, now the adobe has clear traces of water damage but there are still some nice reliefs to be visited.

The culture (Sican, 700AD-1500AD) that built Tecume had been there from about 700AD until the Spanish. They have been conquered both by the Chimu (the culture that build Chan Chan) and by the Inca’s. During both they were still an important people and kept their nobility land and their gods. Also, currently a national symbol of Peru, the Chimu, ceremonial knifes that were used for brain surgery are found under one of the temples.

In the area there were many different colored birds, a small very light blue one, large ones that were a bright brownish red color and as well some large vultures. There were aswell lots of lizards with a blue head.

After walking back to the local town, I visited the local market and tried the local fried bread with cheese (cachoma?) and different type of chichi. Around 5pm I was back in Chiclayo

In the evening I had dinner at the same Chifa as the day before, collected my stuff and went to the bus terminal. Here at the terminal I’m updating the text of my blog.


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