Chachapoyo – Cascada y Ruinas

Chachapoya cascada cocta


I arrived early in the morning by bus and after breakfast took a colectivo to Cocta. They say that this is the second highest waterfall in the world with 771m, (after mongefossen 773m). I met 2 Frenchies in the bus and we took a tuktuk to the higher village, from there we walked first to the higher part of the waterfall and afterwards, after I took a detour to the spot were the water really drops, we started going down.


On the way down we met a local guy with manchete that told us the path was closed farther down because of a landslide. The French went back and I continued, past fallen tree, to the bridge. The jungle became a lot denser near the river, with parasite plants growing on parasite plats growing on trees. At the bridge I went back up and just before the town I met up with the French and we started or way back to Chachapoyas.

Ruinas de Yalape


I started hiking from Chachapoya to yalape. First on the road, I hitchhiked the last 300m to the trail because I didn’t know where it started, and later on a trail going up. The path was very muddy, twice my shoes did sink farther in the mud then the height of my shoe. Needless to say my shoes were soaked. Other parts of the road were very good, this were the parts of the Inca road that were still used.

Almost above there were 2 paths ad I took the wrong one, it didn’t matter much it was only a little bit back on the road to end up at the ruins.

The ruins have a lot of defensive walls, all largely over grown but it seems that recently they decided to cut most of the overgrowth. In one of the walls there is a stone eye in the wall.

I went back to the road and waited for a colectivo, the sun even started to shine, on the hike I mostly had rain.



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