Cuenca – Cajas 2 day trek


The trek started very clear with a good road, but soon there are any paths and a lot of paths ending in nothing. I took a couple wrong turns but with my phone, a picture of a map and my compass (it turned out the compass is a couple degrees of here), I managed to find my way past lakes and over a couple mountains to the spot where I had planned to camp.

The first day I had been lucky with the weather, I even ate my lunch in the sun, bread with fried egg and steak from the day before. The second day not so much, the night had been raining almost constantly and the morning was no different. Not heavy rain but very constant with strong wind. This made finding the path even more difficult and I decided to slightly change my plans a try to keep following a larger path. I only followed this 5 more minutes and the path already started to bend in completely the wrong direction, so I returned on my steps and went down in a valley.

I started walking with my compass and following the valley in the direction I wanted to go, towards another marked path on the map.

When I was after a couple hours on the path progress was very quick and I arrived around 3pm at the road, cutting short the planned 3day trek into 2days.

I hitchhiked back to Cuenca and had another salad for dinner with fried green banana.


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