Latacunga relaxing


Sorting some stuff with my insurance. Last year I changed my health insurance to be included in my travel insurance. When you are out of the Netherlands for more than a year the health insurance in the Netherlands is not valid anymore. But earlier this year I received a letter that since I life officially still in the Netherlands I need to have a health insurance in the Netherlands. After calling it turns out I will have to have a both and be double ensured, stupid system.

After I updated my blog and went looking for a swimming pool, but apparently on Monday the 2 pools in Latacunga are closed, still nice to see a bit more of the town and try some new food

I tried bolitas, this is made with green platano (the large green bananas), they are cooked, smashed and made in to a doe. Then they make bolls with inside chicharron (chunks of fried bacon), very tasty.


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