Camping at laguna azul


Max, Diana and I met in the morning to buy food and aplastic tarp. We went to the entrance of laguna azul by bus and from there walked following the river the path stopped and we had arrived at a good camping spot. We, or mostly me, built a tent from the plastic. We took pictures of the incredible number of different butterflies and went swimming. Max and me we as far as we could up the river to see some more waterfalls. To go against the stream, we had to climb over the rocks and swim upwards in the river till we reached a point where the stream was to strong and we had to return.

We, or again mostly I, tried to make a fire, but even with the use of the gas I didn’t manage to make a proper fire, the wood was to wet. The cans with beans had been heated a bit but we cooked them on the stove with sausages. With some bread a pretty good meal.

We played some games, 21 (a counting game), a clapping game  (sitting in a circle with a hands on the knees of the player next to you, clapping once same direction, twice you turn around), a game with symbols (each has a symbol, if someone makes your symbol it’s your turn and on the 3 clap you have to make someone else’s symbol while the others clap; clap, clap, symbol, faster and faster). Above us the starts while we played.

We went to sleep early, and luckily with a tarp because it rained a lot. The next morning when the rain stopped we walked back. And changed hostel to Puerto Misahualli


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