Cayambe – day hike to volcano Cayambe


At 4:30 am I walked towards the supposed bus stop for el Nevado for the start of the hike to mt Cayambe. I waited from 4:45 till 5:30, the bus should have arrived at 5am according to the tourist office. Later after I had gone to bed again and had started hiking towards mt Cayambe from town all the while trying to hitchhike, I found out the bus probably had passed at 4:30am.

I got a ride (with a family that had sold some of the food they grow them self and bought some things they couldn’t in the city), another ride (with a guy of 18 that did drive normally tourists up to Cayambe and that I later on my way back saw driving with his car full of tourists), and another ride.

With the last ride I was sitting in the back of the pickup. The road was muddy and after the car had slipped, they decided to park and walk the last bit.

I first walked with them, it turned out they were colleagues and had installed a security system at a plant in Cayambe, today was there day off and tomorrow they would return 8hours driving back to their home town at the coast.

I walked alone farther up to the refuge, the weather was harsh, wind, rain, hail and later snow. At the refuge from time to time you could see the glacier, but I didn’t want to continue. After waiting in the refuge 3 of the 7 colleagues arrived. I talked with them and we left the hut together.

I passed the car where the others were waiting for the other 3 to return. They offered me a ride back, I continued walking down and they would pick me up when they were going down.

After arriving back in Cayambe, the town, I went to el mitad del Mundo, by bus. Pretty much nothing to see. I hitchhiked back.

When back in town there was a parade. One of the schools exists 63years and they had a big party, dancing, costumes and music.

In the hostel, there was no kitchen, but I gave some green platano to the owner and she prepared them for me, yesterday she had boiled some eggs for me and with pumpkin bread and a salat of tomato and ricotta cheese (brand name: Holanda), still a pretty good meal.


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