Cayambe to Otavalo


I left early, again pumpkin bread for breakfast, to Otavalo. In Otavalo I checked in the hostel and went directly by bus to Laguna Cuicocha, a large crater lake. Pretty much from the moment I arrived it was raining, in the morning it had looked so nice…

In the bus to the lake I had met 2 other tourists and we shared the $5 fair for the last part by taxi to the lake. From there we first hiked together, but with the rain I didn’t want to wait for them. After about 45min a group, including one of the rangers of the park, came from the opposite direction. The ranger told me I had to go back, that the path was one way only. Our taxi driver had actually told us we could go either way round and had dropped us in front of the path we had taken, also there were no signs anywhere with arrows, or at the start of the path to indicate we had gone the wrong way. I argued, I didn’t want to go back, and he was going to radio the control post. After arguing for a couple minutes more in the rain he finally let continue anyway. I hope the other that I had shared the cap with managed as well to continue the same way.

After completing the loop in about 2.5/3hours (according to the signs it should be 5hours for the 14km round trip), I hitchhiked back with two cars up to town.

Back to the hostel, shower, lunch and reading in the park.


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