Guatape, 2 days kayaking and back to Medellin


I arrived around 11:30am, we found a place to get kayaks, bought food, corn, potatoes, chorizo, packed or stuff in plastic bags and started paddling with the 3 of us, Florian from Germany (I met him in Otavalo Ecuador), Michael from the USA.

The lake is artificial, in Spanish it’s not even called a lake, they built a dam to store water. There are many small islands, it would have been perfect for camping, but…

The weather changed arounds 4pm, it had been very warm, now it started first to rain softly. The rain got stronger and it changed in to a thunder storm. The sound of the thunder on the lake was impressive.

We saw a small island with some houses and paddles to it. We put the kayaks on the land and put our stuff under a small shelter. We thought we saw smoke, not sure whether it was wish full thinking, or really a fire that could warm us up.

It turned out there was a fire, they actually had a BBQ, we talked with them and they gave us food, but they told us to stay on the island we had to pay 10.000 each (about 3euro). But we played soccer with them when the rain stopped, and when we said we couldn’t play anymore because we had to go to another island to pitch or tents (or in my case sleep under a plastic carp). They didn’t want to stop playing jet so if we kept playing we could sleep for free on the island and we could join for the rest of the BBQ and the fire they wanted to make after.

The food was good, the company was good and the fire warmed us up, was a good night.

The next day we prepared to leave, we went to say good bye and they gave us breakfast and hot chocolate.

We paddled towards the old mansion of Pablo Escobar. We had trouble finding it, people send us twice in completely the wrong direction. After the second time going wrong Michael wanted to go and we dropped him in a harbor. Me and Florian, now each alone in a kayak continued (I had been solo in my kayak till now while the other two shared a kayak).

Florian alone was a bit slower, but we still made it to the ruins of Pablo Escobar’s villa. We didn’t do the tour, but a local who had already had told me something about the place. Pablo Escobar used to have 500 estates like this one all over Colombia. This specific one he had visited himself 3 times, each time for about 3 days. Still even when he wasn’t there, there were about 400people working there through the year, on his largest estate, were he stayed most, about 4000 people though there year, like a small city.

After the house we continued back in direction of Guatape, on the way there would be a spot that they had told us was good for camping. When we got close to the campsite the rain started. We sheltered first for a while on the island where we had camped the previous night, but the weather didn’t seem to improve.

In the end we decided to just go back to Guatape, we should be able to make it before dark even if we were slow. The weather got worse, and when we were in Guatape (after waiting for a while for the guy of the kayak place), the rain got even worse and would continue to around 11pm at night.

In the evening we cooked a large part of the food, we almost had still everything because of the BBQ, so a big dinner and the next day a big breakfast, cooked plantane, yellow potatoes, corn and chorizo.

During breakfast we watch a part of the football match, but after I was done with my food I packed and took the bus to Medellin.

Now I’m updating my blog and having a coffee.

In the evening I met a girl from couchsurfing near the stadium, we had a coffee, or actually I had a coffee she had one of the many fruit juice they have in Colombia, and talked about difference between Colombia and Europa or more specifically and the Netherlands. One of the big differences for example the differences between guys and girls. Here its very common that if a guy and a girl walk together (actually it almost never happens that guys or girls go walking otherwise, or if they do its with their parents), the guy will give here a hand for anything that is more difficult then than paved road and the girl will act like she really needs the hand and will ask for it if he doesn’t help her by himself. In the Netherlands girls (luckily) don’t act like they can’t do anything. Actually, I think that a lot of girls would be offended in the Netherlands, if you give them a helping hand for something very easy.

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