Medellin, city tour and botanical gardens


I went to a hostel in the city center, the price had dropped because of renovations, but it was still a very nice place. I was they only non Spanish speaker, so a good place to practice my Spanish.

I went together with a Peruvian to a city tour, it was a very short tour and not the most informative. But there where still some good stories.

He told us about the elections and the peace treaty with the FARC.

About an old politician that had gotten funds from the Cali cartel, but the politician himself didn’t know. The money had been given to his son, and the information about the funds had come out because another cartel had tapped the phone calls and had made the info public. The politician had disowned his son and his son had gone to prison in Mexico.

The politician had felt ashamed and had wanted to make good by giving Medellin (I forgot why specifically Medellin) some fat statues. Medellin had at first revused because they thought he was making fun of them, but after Bogota and Cali had excepted they had done so too, receiving in the end 23 statues, Bogota and Cali had both about 3.

After the tour, the 4 of us, all of us that had joined the tour, went to the botanical gardens. We walked around and played frisbee (ultimate and just throwing) in the park. The police told us to stop, but still a lot of kids had joined us and after the other guys had left even more people joined, playing with about 15 people in the end, mostly kids, but as well some adults.

Later one family invited me to join for a drink and when the park closed for another park and later for dinner.

When we left the shopping mall where we had dinner there was a dancing class in the shopping mall, quite fun to see.

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