Medellin, swimming, book exchange and a night bus


First preparing for a bus to Tolu, should be a 10/12h ride through the night, but…

After that I went to the stadium, I wasn’t sure if the swimming pool would be open because the schedule on internet was a bit weird and even after a couple calls made by the guy from the hostel to the swimming pool (not picking up, they gave him a wrong number, and not picking up again), it was still not clear, to either of us, if it was open and if people could just come to have a swim.

Near the stadium there are a lot of sport fields, an outdoor gym, basketball court, gymnastic hall, football fields and a very, very large swimming complex. After standing in the que I finally understood the weird times they had on the website. The pool is free, but you have to enter on the hour and after an hour you have to go and if you want to go again stand in line again. Actually on the website of the pool it said it was open from 13:00 till 14:30 and from 14:30 to 16:00, this was not correct either, it was open from 13:00 till 14:00, from 14:00 till… and so on.

The swimming complex had about 5 big pools, 3 50m pools and 2 25m pools. Would be a good place for a waterpolo tournament. I had to buy a goro, for my hair (3000pesos so about a euro) and then I could go swimming, but only in the one pool. When you get the ticket to enter you get a ticket for one of the pools.

After swimming I went to the botanical gardens, read a bit and returned to the hostel.

After cooking I still had some time before my night bus, I decided to try to find a spot to swap my first Spanish book, Harry Potter. I found a small book store and swapped the book for “two towers” from Tolkien, and the guys in the bookstore asked me to join them for a glass of rum. After a while I had to leave to catch my bus, but if I ever go back to Medellin I will drop by at this bookstore again.

The night bus took a bit longer than planned, instead of arriving around 9am I arrived around 1pm in Tolu. I walked to the hostel and went swimming in the Caribbean sea.

Quite a big difference with Medellin, the people look different, darker skin, the weather is different, crazy hot and wet, and the food is different more fish and more and different kinds of fruit.

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