Misahualli day hike to caves and waterfall


Diana left, and me and Max went to the caves near Miraflores. We hitchhiked a with different cars, many times going too far and having to walk back, the place where we wanted to go was not very well known. But in the end we saw a sign and we followed a trail that got smaller and smaller and muddier and muddier, going up on a hill with gave us a great view of the jungle. We were starting to think we went wrong (after passing a 3km sign and guessing a couple times which trail to follow we had walked for 1.5h), but on the top the hill there was a house which turned out to be Miraflores, our goal.

They gave us some water with panela (cane sugar) and showed us how they make this. First putting the cane through a press, driven by a mule, next cooking it till about one tenth remains. They gave us toronga, something lake a pomelo or grapefruit, and a Lima, both very tasty. After this the two sons showed us the cave nearby. Understandably done by kids, since for us the cave was very small to get through, but definitely very nice to see. They had put some seeds in the cave and although there was no light there were a couple plants growing in the cave now. There were many bats and stalactites and stalagmites.

Afterwards they brought us to a waterfall where we went swimming and climbing up, the youngest of the kids joint us for the swim.

We walked back, had a look at a party in one of the communities and hitchhiked back tot Puerto Misahualli, packed and left for Tena.


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