Otavalo – day hike Imbabura


With the same group as yesterday, we went after breakfast (breakfast of banana pancakes and cake) we left by taxi to the start point for Imbabura. The path went up through the grass landscape, the higher the type of plants changed and the landscape with it. There were a lot of outer worldly plants, some with thick hairy leaves, some with curly leaves, a cactus with a fury kind of flower and many others.

When we got higher it became rockier and the path became a bit more difficult, as well because of the clouds which made it more difficult to follow the path.

We followed the edge of the crater going up and down, sometimes climbing and descending a little. Just like with most volcanos there are a lot of weird shaped rocks.

Me and Florian continued to the peak, we arrived there at 3pm hoping that the others already were on their way back. We started on the way back and after an hour we found the others still going up.

It had been raining, snowing, the wind was strong. They thought the way up was difficult, they had hoped they could go down on the other side and when we told them this was not an option they were miserable. I had borrowed my hat and my gloves to them, and although I was cold too, seeing them like this I didn’t dare to ask them back, they looked so miserable.

On the way down they started feeling batter after a while.

We found a very, very skinny dog. At first it looked like he couldn’t really see, he could barely walk, and he was stiffening like crazy. We gave him some bread and cookies and carried him most of the way down. After a while he seemed to get stronger and he walked a bit by himself, but sometimes he would fall, and we would carry him again farther down.

When we were back at the grassy area we were above the clouds and the rain had stopped, the view was great. When we got back at the road it started to get dark and we were all happy when we saw a couple people with a car. For in total 10 dollars they would bring us to the bus terminal and they said they as well could take care of the dog. We all got very attached to the dog, I hope he will be alright.


Photo’s are made by Lara and the Chinese girls


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