Papallacta to Quito to Cayambe

Papallacta to Quito


We took an early bus, after a breakfast of toasted bread with tomato and cheese, to Quito. This time staying in a different area then before. We went to a park and played cards and frisbee.

Quito acro yoga


With the yoga teacher from the hostel in the Quilotoa loop I practiced acro yoga in the park. Afterwards we walked around in town and had a beer.

Quito to Cayambe


When I arrived in Cayambe, I checked in in the hostel (which took a while to find). Had a walk around and tlked for a long time with the woman that owned the hotel. She had very specific ideas about how the world was created and how we should life and change the world. That we should get rid of money, preferably no government or at least a very different system and many other things, anyway quite a difficult conversation in Spanish and therefor good practice.


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