Salento to Filandia to Medellin


I took a bus to Filandia where I booked a tour to see the howler monkeys. All the reserve is privately owned, so you are not allowed to enter it by yourself.

I was first brought by motor bike to a farm where they told me to wait. After a while the lady that lived there came outside with a phone call for me, it turned I would have to wait longer, but the lady of the house invited me in and gave me milk fresh from the cow (still a little warm) and some bananas.

After a while the guide came with another tourist and we started walking. The tour would be about 3hours, first descending in the reserve on one side and returning farther up the valley back the other side.

In general, the howler monkeys have a preferred tree to sit in, a light almost white tree. This makes it easier to see them. Our guide told us that most of the time they see monkeys, but that it still happens that they don’t see any ant sometimes as well don’t hear any.

While going down we quickly heard some monkeys, I had heard them before in Bolivia where every morning in the jungle you are woken up by them. It sounds a little like the howling of the wind, but very, very strong wind. Here the sound was a little different, but still very, very loud.

After a while we saw the first family, in general a family consist of 5 or 6 monkeys, this family was about that size too but with 2 or 3 young’s. We continued up and quickly saw another family and later on even another family.

On the way as well, we saw a sloth but over a long distance, impossible to take a picture of, or to see very clearly for that matter.

We went back up and returned to the farm. They told me that the current government had plans to close everything above 3000m in Colombia, for preservation, a lot of people living above this altitude would have a lot of trouble with this. Its apparently as well one of the reasons why there are some protests by some of the communities living in national parks.

I walked around in town, read a bit and ended up taking a bus to Pareira around 6:30pm. And later after dinner and looking around in a crazy big supermarket a night bus at 11pm to Medellin.

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