Tolu to Cartagena and city tour


I took a bus from Tolu, perfect timing, the bus was just leaving when I arrived at the terminal, but the bus was full, so the first hour I had to stand, till the first village and a couple people left the bus (all other people that were standing, and one girl that was sitting).

I arrived at the terminal and after another bus through the city, for about another hour, I arrived near a park from where I had to walk. The park was not really a park, more a garbage dump. On the dump there were a couple of crappie houses and in the back ground you see the skyscrapers that are lining the beach. As well where the hostel is there are some nice villa’s and some house that have clearly seen better times.

The hostel is simple but has a great kitchen and the people that run it are very friendly.

At 4pm there was a free walking tour in the old city.

The city is the second oldest city of South America, founded in 1533. The old town has been fortified (first part of the fortifications is of Dutch design) because of pirate attacks (for example by Francis Drake) and later as well a failed try of England to concur the city. England came with a large fleet and first concurred Panama, next they went with 3 ships towards Cartagena. The admiral already sent the message he conquered the city before he even arrived. It didn’t go as planned, he wanted to conquer the city from the land, but he had not accounted for the fort that was on this side and lost gravely. In the end he just gave up.

In 1811/11/11 the city was liberated by Bolivar from the Spanish. A couple years later the Spanish arrived and tried to reconquer the city, in the end they managed but many people had died during the battle. Later Bolivar returned to re-liberate the city and the Spanish royal troops already left before he arrived. When he asked why they had waited so long before they gave the city to the Spanish and why they had let so many die, the people said they wanted to be free. For this the city got the name the heroic.

Another name the city has is from Catalina. Catalina (not her original name) was a girl take by the Spanish when they first arrived in South America, later-on this girl would e a translator to help with peace negotiations during the conquest.

After the tour I walked back following the battlements and later on the beach towards the hostel.

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