To San Ignacio


It takes a couple colectivo’s and a shared car to get to San Ignacio, the last larger town before the border, with about 10,000 inhabitants. The road winds down through the mountains, the road is in good conditions, but at some spots rocks have fallen down on the road. On the way the road goes past rice fields and coffee fields with white cliffs and mountains on the background. On the street plastic is spread on the road to dry coffee beans. Continue reading “To San Ignacio”

Chachapoya ruinas Kuelap


A colectivo and 2hours farther I arrive at Tingo. From Tingo a trail goes 1200m up in about 9/10km to Kualap (3000m). The trail starts following the river past rice fields, papaya, avocado and lucuma trees. Humming birds and butterflies are everywhere. Afterwards the trail starts to go up and the landscape changes, different vegetation, and different birds. When the path comes near the top the path flattens and there is a small village. The path becomes as well muddier. Not as muddy as the day before but still, today has been till now with beautiful weather and a clear blue sky, but in the distance see you the thunder clouds gathering, and the first lighting is already visible in the mountains on the other side of the valley.

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Chachapoyo – Cascada y Ruinas

Chachapoya cascada cocta


I arrived early in the morning by bus and after breakfast took a colectivo to Cocta. They say that this is the second highest waterfall in the world with 771m, (after mongefossen 773m). I met 2 Frenchies in the bus and we took a tuktuk to the higher village, from there we walked first to the higher part of the waterfall and afterwards, after I took a detour to the spot were the water really drops, we started going down.


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Around 12 the second day in Trujillo I took a bus to Chiclayo, I was told it would take about 2hours, so at 4pm when I arrived I started looking for a place to stay, I couldn’t find anything, and I didn’t like the city that much, so I tried to take a bus directly the same evening. All the bus tickets were sold out…

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Huaraz – new backpack, eating and Chavin


The first day after the trek I mostly relaxed and ate a lot. I also had to buy a new backpack, my old one was tearing at the waist-belt, both where its connected to the backpack as at the second connection with which you can adjust how the support goes around your waist, in addition it was now tearing at both the shoulder supports, on the front side where the soft padding is stitched to a  cord.

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Day 6– 7 day trek– circuito Alpamayo


The sixth day, over Punta Union (4760m) and with a side trek to Laguna Arhueycocha, camping a little farther near Laguna Jatuncocha.

After breakfast, again with a great view on the mountains, I went up the hill till I found the Santa Cruz path. I followed this up the pass. The pass had a thin layer of snow. Down the otherside and I took a side track to one of the lakes next to the route. To reach this lake you first walked through a forest with red trees, yellow birds and some of the weird rabbits they have here. Finally arrived at the lake with a glacier directly ending in the lake. A very nice side track.

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Day 5 – 7 day trek– circuito Alpamayo


The fifth day, past Laguna Huercucocha and over two passes including the Alto Pucaraju (4640m), to the valley near Laguna Piramide.

|In the morning I joined them for breakfast, nasi soup and tea. In their kitchen they had 25 cuy (Guinea pigs) running around. In Peru, that is outside of the cities, its common to have cuy in your kitchen, when you throw parts of the vegetables on the ground the cuy will clean it. And later on, for special occasions they eat the cuy.

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