Travel plan

On this page I keep a schedule of my plans. The schedule is far from definitive, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t match up with the posts.


Date Location Activity Notes
2018/02/27-2018/03/10 Lima Surfing, slacklining, acro yoga, campfire for Pacha Mama, Peter, Maarten, Paula
2018/02/25-2018/02/26 Paracas Camping on the beach.
2018/02/22-2018/02/24 Ica, Huacachina D1; Market, D2; bodeja’s by taxi and Huacachina, meeting Peter in his hotel, D3; relaxing and preparing or camping in Paracas.
2018/02/21 night bus to Ica Hanging out with a group of girls from Chile and a visit to Loki. Eating to regain lost weight from the hike
2018/02/11-2018/02/19 Cachora, Santa Rosa, Choqucirao, Maizal, Yanama, a pass, Huancacalle, Vitcos and the white Rock
2018/02/09-2018/02/10 Cuzco Peru
2018/02/08 Ayacucho Peru
2018/01/31-2018/02/07 Lima Peru Surfing, museum archeological, slacklining, tricklining and more surfing
2018/01/30 Barcelona Spain Flight from Barcelona to Lima In Barcelona they almost didn’t let me board. I had had to have a ticket to show i would leave Peru. To solve this I could borrow an ipad, and i booked a bus ticket to Bolivia. I only had to show this in Barcelona.
2018/01/05-2018/01/07 France – Pyrineen, France 100km south of Paris, Ter Aar – Netherlands Hiking on Saturday and Sunday driving back to NL. First time I saw my parents new house, and seeing my sister again after a year
2018/01/01-2018/01/05 Spain – Canet de A’dri, France – Pyrineen Hiking in the snow.
2017/12/26-2018/01/01 Canet de A’dri (close to Gerona) Mountainbiking with Joes (my cousin) and his friends, he showed me Gerona. Going for a hike with Lise (my other cousin) and my uncle. Snowboarding with all of them, first time for my cousins. And after 3 days my parents arrived with their camperfan. The next day we went hiking in a valley nearby. With old years day with my dad we made a typical dutch treat, oliebollen and appelbouliers.
2017/12/24-2017/12/25 Peru – Lima to Spain – Canet de A’dri (close to Gerona) Flight back to Europa, on 30Jan I have my flight back from Barcelona to Lima. I stayed with my uncle and aunt and my cousins. They picked me up from the airport.
2017/11/22-2017/12/24 Peru – Lima Surfing, swimming, slacklining and looking for a job.
2017/11/13-2017/11/22 Peru – Lima I started working for the hostel. The project is basicly to build accomodation for a new hostel in Cuzco. We made a prototype of a geo dome from wood. After work sometimes surfing and sometimes like today before work. Last Saturday I went surfing in the morning, then the volunteering with the kids and another surf session. Peru won the football match against NZ and are going for the first time in 36y to the mondial. When they won the atmosphere was crazy. On plaza Kennedy people, mostly girls for some reason, would jump around my neck. Ariba Peru!
2017/11/10-2017/11/12 Peru – Trujillo I went with Ema for a weekend to Trujillo. Surfing, fish, picaron, and a lot of sun
2017/11/08 Peru – Lima I went to a archelogical side directly next to the hostel and did a tour there. The side used to be a temple in the middle of the dessert, 8km from the closest river. From 500 AC to 800AC.
2017/10/23-2017/11/07 Peru – Lima In this time I went surfing a lot. Meeting people from the hostel. Going to the poorer parts of Lima with the organisation from the hostel to distribute food and play with the kids. Two city tours (one crapy one good). Meeting Ema, cooking together, surfing, going to the beach. Swimming with d’Ricardo and Louis (from the peruvian family) for chocolate cake, a city tour, going swimming and just talking at the beach. Chocolate museum for free samples. I brought my laptop to the Acer service for repairs, the next day my cellphone broke. Just like last time after my laptop got stolen it seems that everything just happens at the same moment. I bought a new second handphone (repair would be more expensive) and after calling many times I got my laptop back after about 2 weeks.
2017/10/22 Peru – Lima I left for another cheaper hostel a bit farther from the coast. The streets were empty… It turned out that today there was the sencus. Everyone is supposed to stay at home while people go from door to door to collect forms with information for the statistics. They do this every 10years in the entire country. It was weird to see the city so empty. After checking in I explored the city and went to the beach. At the beach I met a Peruvian family that invite me to have dinner with them and have a coffee. Over the time i stayed in Lima I have met them a couple times. Either for coffee or to eat or at the beach.
2017/10/21 Peru – Ica to Paracas to Lima roadtrip We left “early” to go first to Paracas and in the eving to Lima. In Paracas we first went on a boat tour to some of the islands and passing a archeoligical side on the hill made in the same period as the Nazca lines. After the boat tour we went to the national park with red clifs different rock formations and lots of vultures. With sunset we continued towards Lima. I fall as sleep in the car and they brought me to a hostel. They went out but I called it an early night. In the morning they said good bye before there flight to Cuzco
2017/10/20 Peru – Ica y Huacachina In the morning I met some Colombians durig breakfast and i joined them to go to a tour in the city, to the bodeja’s (wine/pisco distilleries) and again to huacachina, but this time with a quad and sandboarding In the evening the pisco we had from the distilleries some how disappeared…
2017/10/19 Peru – Ica y Huacachina I walked to the only oasis in South America (at least that is what they say) and walked through the dunes. In the afternoon I visited the huge market of Ica. Played pool and table football with a girl from Canada
2017/10/18 Peru – Nazca and Ica I arrived in the morning in Nazca. From the bus station I directly went to a hotel and from there to the airport to see the Nazca lines. In the afternoon after lunch I continued to Ica.
2017/10/15-2017/10/17 Peru – Cuzco Relaxing after the treck, massages, another city tour, and typing the stories of the last couple days. Last day I took the night bus to Nazca. I arrived while a bus just left. In the end they got me a taxi (were they paid for) to catch up with the bus and get me on board.
2017/10/11-2017/10/14 Peru – Rainbow mountain and Auzangate trek Every day around the same height as the Mont Blanc.
2017/10/05-2017/10/08 Peru Salkantai trek and Machu Pichu Salkantai trek and Machu Pichu.

First day I took the bus from Cuzco around 6am, at least that is what I tried, but because they wait till the bus is full, we ended up leaving at 7:30. I had a good book so I didn’t mind much, some other people in the bus were very anoid. The total bus ride was bout 2 to 3hours and from there I started hiking (I think the town is called Millata or Millapata). In total to Pampa Salkantai around ~28km, of which ~23km with backpack and more than 1000m up. The 5km side track was to a glacier lake. I camped in Pampa Salkantai behind a stone wall. I was staying with a family that worked there selling stuff to tourists. From my tent I could see the snowcapped Salkantai and hear the avalanges, depending on the clouds that is.
The next morning their son “helped” me pac my tent, and although it took a little longer I still left before 7am in the morning. I had camped around 4100m and I had to cross the Salkatai pass at 4650m. From the pass you ould walk towards the glacier, where there was another small lake. I continued down, followed the valley with meandering river and in the end stayed in la playa. Total distance again well over 20km. On the way there were lots of strawberries and sandflies. In la Playa I pitched my tent on the roof of a house, I was happy with this option because this meant less sandflies (sand flies had given me and Belen swolen feet in Bolivia, now I always wore long pants and shoes, but the still attacked my hands and arms).
Next moring packed my stuff and started hiking towards Aqua Caliente. I took a different route than most tours take for the last day. The path was a hiking path, so no cars like the other route, and the path went over the mountain, so a view on Machu Pichu which you didnt have with the other route and finally aswell passing first an inca road and later some small ruines. On the trail i took a break at a coffee farm to have a coffee. During the track i did eat the coffee beans, only the white sweet stuff around the coffee bean. During the hike I met an American and we walked together for a while.
From Hydro electrica there is a path next to the railway for 11km towards Aqua Caliente. This part is very busy and it is as well clear that the people that walk here are no hikers. During the salkantai trek people always said hello, people make space for eachother if you pass and in general are just friendly, aswell the tour groups and the guides. Next to the railway this is completely different, there are still people that greet back, but thats more an exception than the rule. When walking in opposite direction, people just stay walking with 3 next to eachother either forcing other people to step next to the road or bump into them (in general im quite big so if I bump into people it doesn’t bother me as much). After a total of about 23km I arrived in Aqua Caliente and stayed in a hostel that was recommended by the group I had met from Choqekirao (15sol same price as the campside here). I bought tickets for Machu Pichu and machu Pichu Mountain the next day.
I got up at 4:50am, there was a bridge that would open at 5am about 20min from aqua caliente. When i arrived at the bridge there was ahuge que. I ate something while waiting. After they checked my ticket and passport I got true. On the way up to Machu Pichu I think I passed over 100 people walking up. Later on the site people actually recagnised me as that crazy fast guy. Its clear i have been hiking a lot the last 9months. At the entrance of the site there was another que. I had met the American guy again and we first walked together up the hill away from most people on the side. Later we split up and i went to the sungate. Again its surpising how big the difference between hikers and other people is. Here some people complained when i overtook them on the narrow path, while normally yu would make space for a faster hiker. But the site was very impressive. It is way bigger than Choqekirao (ok only 30% of the Choqekirao is uncovered), more temples and as well the way the location between the mountains is impressive.
After the he sungate I went to Machu Pichu mountain and after that back to the main part of the city. I asked a guide if i could join there group and he showed us around (I didn’t have to pay, he said Machu Pichu was already expensive enough). He showed us the temple of mother earth with the sun temple above it, a compas, water mirror to watch the stars, the temple of the condor, waterfountains, it was could to get a little information about the side. After that I went back down the stairs, had lunch and followed the railroad back to Hydro electrica from where I took a bus to Cuzco. Back in Cuzco at around 22:00. Briefly talking to christian, the rest had left, and straight to bed.
2017/10/04 Peru Cuzco Repairing shoes and backpack, market and preparing for Salkantai (5day trek ending with Machu Pichu)
2017/09/29-2017/10/03 Peru Choquekirao 5 Day trek with 4 others, 2 days to go to the site, 1 day there and 2 days back (we went back with 3). About half of the time I was waiting for the others.
The site Choquekirao was build by the inca’s. About 30% is at the moment recovered. On the first day there we visited all the sides on the main hill, including houses terrasses (with llama’s) and a clock (the stone in the centre of the clock was removed so the heli of the wives president could land there).
The second day at the side we went first to the terrasses and the waterfall (for a swim) down the hill and afterwards back down to the river and a little up the hill on the otherside.
The last day we walked back to the top (for me 2.5h walking and 2.5h waiting) and than a bus back to Cuzco. This was the most exhausting part for me because the bus was crazy hot.
The others even brought vegetables for dinner.
2017/09/28 Peru Cuzco City tour, market, Inca ruines Sacsaywaman and Jesus blanco
2017/09/27 Peru Amantani Got up early and went with Juan and Anselma to Puno, same way back, first the boat to Capachica and then the bus. I took a boat to the Oros, floating islands, these are floating becuse they are build on several layers of cane. The communities used to depend completely on the type of cane, for food (like palmito) for construction of houses, for boats and to prevent their houses from flooding when the water level changed by living on floating islands, now they depend on tourists. The island are crazy touristic, still beautifull though.
I returned to Puno had lunch (3.5sol) and met Anselma and here son on plaza de armas, visisted the market, churches and had dinner, and took the night bus to Cuzco.
2017/09/26 Peru Amantani I arrived at 5am in Puno and followed the snstraction Belen had given me to isla Amantani and stayed there with Anselma and Juan. Its a beautifull relaxed island, no cars, no dogs, only the lancha’s (boats) made a noise. I walke to Pachamama and the other mountain pachatata (mother and father earth). On top of both there a ruines. After lunch I walked on the beach. Highest lake of the world and therefore aswell highest island (>3800m and the top of the mountains >4000m)
2017/09/25 Peru Rafting and night bus At 11am I went rafting. I fell out the boat… was a lot of fun
Played table tennis afterwards. At night the bus to Lago Tiicaca
2017/09/23-2017/09/24 Peru vulcano Misti 5800 2 Day trek, to the start and back with 2 different tour companies. First daay walked to the base camp, arriving around 12:15. A group that was going back gave me there left over food, chicken soup croupook?? and nuts. After setting up my tent continued to the top, arriving around 5pm. No time to explore, I returned to the bace camp 4500m.
Second day left the camp at 4:30. Still dark. Walked back to the top and now went as well to the crator and the view point. At 9am I started the way down to the base camp. Sliding quickly down in the vulcanic sand.
At the base camp I met the other group again (they had started walking at 1am). I packed my tent and asked their guide whether they could give me a ride back, they could but i was not allowed to tell how much i paid (30sol).
On the way there were lots of different yellow birds
2017/09/18-2017/09/20 Peru Colca canjon 3 day trek. First day started early, went down in the canjon (~1000m) and up a the otherside (~1000m), went to a large waterfall and pitched my tent next to a hostel.
Second day left around 8:45 because we were talking for a while, I went farther up (~1000m) to a small town. I was lucky because when I arrived there was a feria, first time I tried guini pig. I went a little farther up crossing the mountain and down towards colca canjon. I pitched my tent still far above Colcabana, the start point.
Th last day I started early, walked down passed Milate. in Milate i met by coincedince one of the guys I knew from the feria. I continued to the oasis and up to the start point. I had lunch and dinner and at 22:00 my bus left to Arequipa, I arrived in Arequipa at 4:20.
Each day I covered a distance which should take 2 days according to the tourist info.
2017/09/17 Peru Arequipa – Peru Colca canjon I took the bus to Colca canjon, depending on what you believe the deepest or second deepest or… canjon of the world, I stayed in a hostel for the first night. And again the bus took longer…
2017/09/16 Peru Arequipa Exploring the city, walking tour and just by myself, getting tourist info. The guide of the first walking tour didn’t show, but I joined a group of girls that was working for an NGO in Arequipa, they showed us the market.
2017/09/15 Chile Arica – Peru Tacna – Peru Arequipa First the bus over the boarder to Tacna and from there a bus to Arequipa. Stayed in Wild rovers hostl, almost feels like a international bar in NL. In Arica I had to walk to the city centre from the bus station, because the ATMs at the station didn’t work. The bus took way longer then they had told me…
2017/09/14 Chile Putre – Chile Arica Half day hike in the morning and the bus to Arica at 1400, after arriving in Arica the highlights of the the city (easily done in 1,5h)
2017/09/13 Chile Putre Today Belen and me went or own way, Belen continued to Arica and I stayed in Putre for hiking.

The plan was to hike to the Inca drawings but I couldn’t find the path (the tourist office was closed when I went for the second time to take a picture, I asked people but they all just say straight, like always in south america), I decided to first walk up the mountain next to the town, then though the valley and up another hiher mountain. On the way I saw a couple mountain goats, 2 andino cats, and a couple rabbit squirels.
2017/09/12 Chile Putre On our way to Chile, first with a shared car with the hostel owners to Tambo. On the way we saw many many vicuña’s. We arrived around 4pm in Putre. Although Putre is in Chile and there are Chilean flags every where,

they say that of the about 1500 people only 5 people in town are chilean. The town is already in preperation for the liberation day of the 18th of september, tomorrow there is a reversal of the local school that we are invited to visit, including local food and traditional dances.
2017/09/10-2017/09/11 Bolivia Sajama 2 day trek to agua’s altura We sarted early the first day.

The first day they brought us a two person tent and a sleepingbag for Belen. We had breakfast and bought bread for the trek. The path started from the church. After about 7km (the first sign said 3 3 the second 7 and the map 7) we arrived at the geysers, they were not very active but the colors were very beautifull. We continued up till we arrived at a signpost showing the boarder between Chile and Bolivia. After this we saw the first lake. From the lake we could see a valley with a glacier and on the otherside a snow topped mountain. On the otherside of the lake we could see a road which we followed. There were lot of treks of austriches. After a while we arrived a larger lake, we looked for a place to put the tent sheltered from the wind. After setting up the tent we watched the sunset and had dinner, in the tent we played cards.
The next day we first went to watch the sunrise at the lake and after that continued following the path down. On either side of the path there were snow topped mountains with lots of colors. I wasn’t sure about the direction of the path so after a while I checked my phone, it turned out we were well into Chile and had to walk back (approx 5km to the lake and 2km more to the first lake). From the first lake we found the path up and went to the second lake. At this lake there were a lot of the rabbit squirels (chinchia), a body like a fat rabbit a tail like a squirel. And a lot more of the black ducks with colorfull beaks. Next to the lake there are glaciers.
We continued up the hill through a desert like area and a 3th lake in front of a colorfull mountain. From here we could see through a valley the Sajama (6500m), we followed this valley back to the thermal springs. On the way we saw vicuña’s and many many more llama’s and alpaca’s. The sun was setting which chaanged the colors. Just before we were back in town we were picked up by a car. It turned out that one of the tourists in the car recognised us from playing cards in the pampas.
In Sajama there had not been electricity because of the wind, we had seen already before that a electricity cable was broken. They said it would be fixed soon. 10min after we arrived the electricity turned back on. We had dinner in a restaurant next to the square, now very quite, espacially compared to the last days with the festival.
2017/09/09 Bolivia Sajama Day hike to thermas. We found a small non commericialised pool a litlle farther, from the pool we had a great view on the mountains around. A bird kept on coming to the pool with peaches of llama/alpaca fur. We had met a group of French guys, they told us they were gonna climb the 6350m mountain, leaving Sajama at 1am by car an strating hiking at 3am.

They said we could join for 200BS or less (25Euro or less), they already had a guide, and they told us crampons were not necesary. It turned out that either the guide hadn’t explained very well or they didn’t understand properly or both. The costs were the costs for the guide, the transport the most expensive part was not in included, they had the day wrong and crampons were necesary. In the end we decided not to join, both because of the extra cost, (extra guide for the two of us and tranport), and because 2000m up in one night from this altidtude seemed crazy and finally because everyone in the village was drunk the last couple days, including the guides.
2017/09/08 Bolivia Sajama Day hike to view point, many llama’s and alpaca’s on the way.
2017/09/07 Bolivia, La Paz – Bolivia Sajama busses
2017/09/06 Bolivia, La Paz Day visit to ruienes of Tiwanaku from before the inca’s. 400BC-1500AC
2017/09/05 Bolivia, La Paz City tour repair pants
2017/09/04 Bolivia, La Paz We arrived around 8am in La Paz took a taxi to the same hostel as where we had stayed before. I went to get my visum extended, buy a new camera, and buy a bag for my headlight. After that i went typing for my diary. Both me and Belen have diaria, I feel fine but Belen a bit less
2017/09/01-2017/09/03 Bolivia, Rurrenabaque Pampas The Pampas. We were picked up from the hostel/hotel around 9:15.

We did drive for about 3h from where we continued by boat. From the boat we saw alligators, pink dolphins, turtels, many different types of harrols, kingfishers, Capybara, monkeys (capuchino, hauler, Squirrel monkeys), piranhia’s and many other animals. In the evening we first watched the sunset and and with the the headlight you could see the eyes of the aligators, there are really a lot. We had dinner and played cards.The second day we went to a swamp area to look for anaconda’s, it took a while but in the end one of the other guides found ad trapped one slightly over 2m. we returned to the camp had lunch. There were capuchino monkeys in the camp and an aligator who i could touch. After this we went swimming with dophins, on the way we saw a hauler monkey in the tree and two large tucans (in the jungle there was another type). The dolphins didnt care much bout us but it was very cool. In the evening we watched the sunset, i played frisbee with some local kids and we had dinner and played cards.

The last day we left the camp by boat to watch the sunrise. In th morning all the birds fly to the pampas to eat and at night they go back to the mountains to sleep. We had breakfast and went piranhia fishing, it was mostly the guide catchig fish, I and belen didn’t catch anything. We went back to the camp to eat the piranhia’s and for lunch and went back by boat and car to Rurrenabaque.

At 6:30pm we had a night bus to La Paz.

2017/08/27-2017/08/31 Bolivia, Rurrenabaque survival trek in the jungle We had to be at 9am at the tour agency, the guide showed up half an hour later.

Around 10 we left first to cross the river and from there we took a car to a small farm from where we would start the hike. At the farm we first made around, while the guide explained about the different plants, cocao (the fruit around the beans is very tasty!), papaya, and many others. After that we started hiking, we were with three and 2 guides (brothers, for the the jungle there are always at least 2 guides). Soon we had to cross a creek and it turned out that te advice from the tour office about which shoes to take was completely wrong, we would have to cross many creeks/rivers and the mountainboots we all had are not ideal for that the guides said that sport shoes would have been ideal… |In the office we all had specificly asked for which shoes, I had even shown the options i had.
We continued hiking and later on saw a cameleon running away, he was a little lo ger then a meter.
On the way there were many butterflies (espacialy the blue ones and the green ones were very impressive), and spiders.
We sat up camp next to the river with plastic as a roof and on the ground, musketo nets and sleeping mats. We went farther up river for a shower in a waterfall.
As diner we had rice and a sauce of palmito, palmito is the top part of one of the trees we had cut with manchette, it tasted very good.The next day we all woke up at 7am as we had discussed the previous night, except for the main guide, he woke up at 10am. His brother had made breakfast for us and shown us a snake. After the main guide had had breakfast as well we started walking. This day we went over a hill, and between the tree there was sometimes an impressive view over the jungle. For lunch we had some palmito (very little) and continued to the next camp. Now the guide was suddenly worried we didn’t have much time and hes started to rush, not paying any attention to the rest of the group. (the jungle experience was great but the guide was not very good, his brother was way better, he was supposed to be learning, but he already was a better guide, doing way more effort to show us things, and actually saying what was happening, his brother, Marco, would just run off and do what ever he felt like). After going dow from the hill we sat up camp next to the river.

The 3th day we woke up around 8am had breakfast, like every day a type of torta frita, and started hiking. Many river crossings this day. We went fishing for sardines. And in the evening we build a camp from scratch with a roof from palm leaves.

The 4th day we woke up at 4:30am to try to see animals at night. After a view minutes we say the eyes of an animal and later we could see it was a tapir. The tapir crossed the river to our side and disappeared into the bushes. We continued, but didn’t see anymore large animals. After a while there was the noise of a storm, it turned ou these are hauler monkeys, the only live in groups of 4/5 but it sounds like hunderds. We continued back to camp, broke up and continued hiking. On the way we saw many birds and insects, different types than we had see on the first to days, parrots, tucans spider monkeys, kept following the river and crossing many times, the river got bigger and bigger and I switched my shoes for flipflops, but most of the time i was walking bare foot. On the way we saw a group of wild bores (over a 100). We tried to get as close as possible but when we got close they started running. We continued but we just got our bags and we heard more wild boars. We crossed the river towards the sound and hided between the dead trees. A few of the boars crossed very close to us and after a while our guides went in with a machete to try to catch dinner, it didn’t work. We contued till it was getting dark and setup camp.

The next day we all got up a 4:30am again, but the guid first had to repair his flipflops, that had brooken the previous day, we had to wait for 20minutes… AFter that went looking for jaguars, we didn’t see any but it was still cool to see how the jungle got alive. We collected our stuff and went to the river from where we would be picked up by a boat. At the river we went swimming and fishing. The guides caught 2 mantle rays, which we had fr lunch. Round 13:30 we were picked up by a boat and went back in 3hours to Rurrenabaque.

2017/08/26 Bolivia, Rurrenabaque We arrived around 8am and took a Bolvian tuktuk to the city centre. The guy from a bakerey first explained and later took us with his tuktuk to a hostel. We have a room for 40Boliviana each, including breakfast. After that we explored the town, its crazy warm, but now we are really in the jungle. We booked a 5day survival trek in the jungle and 3 days pampas. My legs are covered with bites of a type of fly here, we have 3 types of insect reppelent, but none of them work perfectly.
2017/08/25 Bolivia, Coroico With a couple stops ont he way to Rurrenabaque.

A part of the road was closed so there was a line of cars waiting, when it openend everyone, including our taxi driver, there were a couple close calls and at the end one accident.
For the night bus to Rurrenabaque, they sold tickets for 8pm and 9pm.

Later on it turned out the bus left around 11:30pm and all the tickets were for the same bus. i couldn’t fit my legs between the chairs, or move the chair backwards (we had bought seme came, semi bed), and the bench behind us on both the left and the right werent there at all, but they had actually sold the seats for those missing benches. In the end I slept with my legs in the path way and had a fine night, only a little stiff next morning.
2017/08/24 Bolivia, Coroico Walk down from the city other small town, on the way eating oranges and mandarins We saw tucans and bright blue birds
2017/08/23 Bolivia, Coroico Walk down from the city to rio negro and a place were we could swim. On th way many eagles, other birds (with a yellow tale, bright blue and many others) and many butterflies in different sizes and many clors In the hostel there is a parrot
2017/08/22 Bolivia, La Paz – Bolivia, Coroico First death road with bicycles and after that the bus a little farther to Coroico. The vews from the road were impressive, first bare mountain tops with snow and later the jungle
2017/08/21 Bolivia, La Paz Rest day, city, fixing camera, buying a bag for laptop
2017/08/18-2017/08/20 Bolivia, Cerro Hyana Potosi (6088m) 3 day trek to Cerro Hyana Potosi (6088m).
First day we went by car from La Paz to the base camp (4800m, as high as the mt Blanc), from the base camp we walked to the glacier for practice on the glacier, walking and ice climbing.
Second day we walked to the second camp (5200m), I walked a little on the galcier and afterwards we relaxed in the sun.
The last day… Actually at 00:00 we got up and at 1:30am we started hiking to the top with our headlights. The entire route was glacier. We arrived at the top just before the first sunlight reached the top. The 3 others from our group didn’t make it. With day light we walked back to second camp, relaxed there for a bit and walked from there back to the base camp. Me and Belen both slept in the car back to La Paz.
Very nice hike and beautiful glacier
2017/08/17 Bolivia, La Paz We went by telecabine to Mercado de Alto, at the top of the hill in La Paz, a huge market where they sell everything from cloths to tools, to food to complete cars. When we came back we booked the tour to Cerro Potosi 6000+m) De Alto is the bigger and cheaper area up the hill from La Paz, in this area a lot of people live “illegally”,

meaning people just build a house and later ask the goverment to build a road. Same thing is that people try to be registered outside of La Paz, sot hey only pay taxes for a small town, which is way cheaper than for La Paz. Another funny thing is the streat venders, they are currently protesting because the goverment wants to register them, they dont want this because now they can sell there corner or part of the street for a lot of money, when registered this is not possible anymore. They still wouldn’t have to pay taxes or anything after registration.
2017/08/16 Bolivia, La Paz We arrived in the morning in la Paz, walked the main area with hostels and found a place to stay. we went to a mercado for breakfast and later another mercado for lunch. We walked around a bit and tried a lot of tour agencies for info and prices to the jungle, pampas, death road and cerro Potosi.
2017/08/15 Bolivia, Cochamamba We walked around through the city, the market, some squares and he river. In the eving we took the night bus to La Paz. They sold us the wrong ticket to La Paz, first told us we had to get into another bus (while or lugage had been placed in another bus) and in the end they had a bout 2hours delay, definitely not the best bus company, but the ticket was only 30Bs (3,80Euro) for a 10h bus journey.
2017/08/14 Bolivia, Cochamamba Me and Belen went to a festival in honour of la virgen de Copacabana. This was a little out of the city with a large market. We bought two seat on one of the benches that were setup for this event and watched the different groups from different regions walking/dancing past. Each region had its own specific costumes, type of dance and music. We left or bench a couple times to eat or to have a drink. In the evning we went back to the hotel.
2017/08/13 Bolivia, Sucre In the morning I went to the dinosaur park, where they have the largest collection on dino footprints of the world. The park it self was nice but the footprints itself were more impressive, the largest footprints had approximately diameter of 70cm. I hitchhiked back to Sucre and went walking around through Sucre, the mercado central, the park and the cementary. The city is very white due to its clonial history. In the evening i took the night bus to Cochamamba
2017/08/12 Bolivia, Potosi In the morning me and Belen, a girl from Spain, joined a procession with music and fireworks that went through the city to a place where thay would have drinks, dinner and a party. Belen stayed and i went back to take a bus to Sucre. Walkign through the bus gave aswell a nice view of the city away from the centre.
2017/08/11 Bolivia, Potosi In the morning I went wih an spanish excursion to the mine on the mountain next to Potosi.

With the tour we first bught a presents for the mine workers, coca leaves and 96% alcohol (I dont believe it is that strong, I tried and it was like wodka). With the tour you go down the shafts walking and crawling. The mine workers explain how the system works, that they only get payed for the minerals they harvest. After the mine I got lunch in the hostel and walked through the town. Its a way nicer town than any of the towns i have seen in Chile or Argentina and way more happening as well.
There were a lot of parades with music, costumes and dancing.
2017/08/10 Bolivia, Potosi Walked around though town, got cash, went to Ojo de Inca, a hot spring near the city, and walked around there On the way to the laguna I found a baby goat, left alone, I brought him back to a ahouse and they said they were gonne take car of him…
2017/08/09 Bolivia, Uyuni-Bolivia, Potosi After arriving in Uyuni I took the bus to Potosi, very lively city Potosi is more than 4000m above sea level
2017/08/07-2017/08/09 Uyuni Tour from San Pedro to Uyuni, passing stunning lakes, geysers, canjons and add the end the largest salt flat of the world
2017/08/06 San Pedro Going with Anna to the river, updating blog, going to the police (money has been stolen…), booking a tour, trying to get money back for the fake phone charger, in the evening had a quite night in hte hostel After twice being robbed in less then two weeks Im happy im leaving chile soon
2017/08/05 San Pedro Cycling to laguna Cejar, laguna Tebenquiche y the liberary in the desert, over 70km Swimming in one of the 3 lakes at the first place and flamingos in the distance at the second place. In the evening a campfire in the hostel
2017/08/03-2017/08/04 Chile, Santiago / San Pedro The bus from 13:25 from Santiago arriving in San Pedro at 3
2017/08/02 Chile, Santiago Hanging out with Judith and picking up my new passport!
2017/08/01 Chile, Santiago Preparing my laptop with software, going to the cementary (they have appartment building for the death, looks really weird, like student appartments. And the have the huge houses for families to be buried in. In the back there was an area with no names, for the death of the military goverment). Dinner at the central market.
2017/07/31 Chile, Santiago I went to a timaskal, really good experience. A timaskal is some kind of sauna. Its starts with a campfire with vulcanis rocks, everyone stands around the fire while people are singing. Than everyone gets something red, as protection from the evil spirits. After that everyone has to leave the circle though a gate, drink some water and one by one go back through the gate. When passed though the gate you are “cleaned”, not with water but with smoke. Everyone stands around the circle again and the elements, and directions are thanked. One by one everyone can now enter the bamboo tent, while asking for permission to enter the tent for your self and your relations. In the tent there is more singing and now the stone from the fire are brought in the tent. One person leads the ceremony and he puts water and spices one the vulcanic rocks. The water evaporates heating up the tent. 4 Times there are new stone and new water brought in, briefly opening the tent. During this 4 cycles there is more singing and some explanations of the rituals. When we left the tent the sun was setting, we had been there the entire day. After leaving the tent (asking for permission to be reborn) you get some tabaco in your right hand for things you want in the future. Everyone hugs you and congratulates you with your rebirth. I don’t believe in this but I defifnitely did feel different. In the eving Judith and I cooked together.
2017/07/30 Chile, Santiago I met at 12 with Francisca, we went to a museum and walked a bit around. In the evening we cooked 3 different thai dishes, because she wanted to learn how. She had already made the salad, that I had made in San Pedro, for her family. Tomorrow I probably can get my phone back
2017/07/29 Chile, Santiago Got my phone back, it turns out it was the charger I used Bought a new laptop, same price, but slightly better specs. The otherone I bought a little less than a year ago, so that makes sense.
2017/07/28 Chile, Santiago I met at 12 with Francisca, we went to a museum and walked a bit around. In the evening we cooked 3 different thai dishes, because she wanted to learn how. She had already made the salad, that I had made in San Pedro, for her family. Tomorrow I probably can get my phone back
2017/07/27 Chile, Santiago In the morning first printed my forms, second got money from a Scotiabank (the only bank where you dont pay a crazy large fee), photos for the passport, and then ambase. A new passport will take work days. After I brought my phone to a repair place, bought a compas and a new headlight. In the vening I went to yoga, weird, but relaxing, we had for example to laugh for 2min. After that I had dinner with Judith, who I know from San Pedro. A bird did shit on me on my way to the ambase… A week with a lot of bad luck, the impact is getting smaller though 😉
2017/07/26 – Chile, Santiago 8pm Arriving in Santiago sleeping, reading, talking (a guy that wants his kid to speak good english, so he never to talks spanish to his son) and beiing bored
2017/07/25 Chile, San Pedro de Atacama Today cycling (and short hikes) from 9 till 18:00, death valley and throuth of the devil. Again very impressive, saw many llamas. At 8p the bus to Calama… From there another bus to Santaigo, arriving in Santiago a little before 8pm the next day. Sand boarding in the death valley
2017/07/24 Chile, San Pedro de Atacama Hiking to Inca ruines and in a dried up salt river with the German girls. In the evening cooking together with the German girls and Judith
2017/07/23 Chile, San Pedro de Atacama Trying to arrange things with the ambase, and broken phone… Bad luck never comes alone…
2017/07/22 Chile, San Pedro de Atacama I went cycling to the moon valley, very beautifull! Drinks with a group from chile in the hostel, fun night. In the evening cooked dinner for 6 people, they said i can always become cheff here
2017/07/21 Chile, Calama…. – Chile, San Pedro de Atacama Bad Luck. In Calama we had to leave the bus at 6am and wait for half an hour. I sat on a bench eating some of my brought sandwiches. On my left a guy asked if the money he found on the ground was mine or from my neighbour. Later when I looked to my right my backpack was gone… I lost My small backpack containing my passport, laptop, drawings, etc. In San Pedro I checked in a hostel and went directly to the PDI (police). They were not surprised at all, they said “oh, yeah, Calama”. I tanslated my list of lost items and he typed it in the computer (twice because the power went down). After that I went to the douane for a new visum paper (twice because they were first to busy). I mailed the ambase with the information they asked me to supply and in the evening cooked had dinner with 2 german girls. One of the crapiest days of my trip, so far at least 😉
2017/07/19-2017/07/20 Chile, Copiapo I stayed for 2 nights with Pablo. I visited the town and went to Bahia Inglesh, the second night I cooked asian for him and his mam and sisters The second day I left for San Pedro
2017/07/18 Chile, La Serena – Chile, Copiapo The bus to Copiapo, in the morning to the market with the mam of Tanya and lunch with Anna The family gave me a bottle of redwine to try in Copiapo
2017/07/15-2017/07/17 Chile, Pisco 3 Day trek from Pisco to the mountains, first day with Anna and second day partly with some Chileans
2017/07/10-2017/07/14 Chile, La Serena y Coquinbo Sight seeing in both cities, going to the gym, out with friends of my CS host Tanya, going for a swim, cooking asian and pancakes
2017/07/09 Argentina, Mendoza to Chile, Santiago Hitchhiking from Uspallata to Santiago, first the bus early in the morning to Uspallata and from there together with Branco to Santiago Many many cars but we made it in the end
2017/07/02 – 2017/07/08 Argentina, Mendoza Going to the park with Flor, reparing the last bicycles, wine tour (we went on Sunday but everything is closed on Sunday, we just bought a botle of wine and did drink it in the park next to the vineyards), reparing my backpack, going to a movie with Flor (crapy movie but a good evening), playing more frisbee on Saturday with the gang In the end half the hostel was convinced I had supernatural powers because of some card tricks and some lucky guesses. Was funny to see how fanatic people can be.
2017/07/01 Argentina, Mendoza Trying to buy a clip for my backpack and managing to buy a compas, I lost the previous one during the hike Playing frisbee at 4pm with the same group as last week
2017/06/30 Argentina, Mendoza Hike to cerro d’Arca and playing frisbee in the park. To the mountain by bus took 45min, by car hitchhiking back took about half an hour
2017/06/27-2017/06/29 Argentina, Mendoza 3 Day hiking with Lie, near the lake next to Portillos. A dog followed us during the hike, she was very polite, in the morning when opening the tent the first thing she did was trying to lick your face. The first day the weather was not so great, but the second and 3th day we just had clear blue skies. The second day we camped next to the lake with a view on the snowy mountains. When the sun sunk below the mountains we started a campfire. The last day we walked back to the road, crossing again the railway bridge and hitchhiked back to Mendoza while drinking matte. It was a little difficult to not follow the path because of the bushes and cacti with spikes
2017/06/24-2017/06/26 Argentina, Mendoza Park, ultimate frisbee, free city tour, cooking, trying to arrange a 3 day cycling trip, but because there are no bikes changed it to hiking
2017/06/23 Argentina, Mendoza We spend the day in the park, got a to do list for Mendoza of students at the university and went to a small cafe Waiting till i get my new creditcard… The current one expires this month
2017/06/22 Argentina, Uspallata Hike to 7 color mountain, really impressive. In the eveing I took the bus to mendoza I met with . angain, we just walked into eachother when I walked from the bus station to the hostel
2017/06/21 Argentina, Uspallata Changed hostel and after that went hiking to a site with inca drawings, on the way i hitchhiked some parts and on the way back i walked through the hills. The hills have a lot of different colors and shapes. One hill looked like it a liquid was poored over it. In the background you could see the snow covered tops of the Andes. Complete different weather and temprature then the mountains, i walked without shirt.
2017/06/20 Argentina, Aconcagua Hike from los Cuevas to cerro Christal, the path was to snowy to follow so I just followed the stoney slopes, and hiking back on the abondoned rail road past punta del inca (colorfull natural bridge formed by glaciar) Lots and lots of snow
2017/06/19 Chile, Valpariso – Argentina, Aconcagua Hitchhiking with Sasja, it took a couple cars, but we made it acros the boarder Beautifull landscapes on the way
2017/06/16-2017/06/18 Chile, Valpariso Exploring the city, free walking tour, street art tour and playing football and frisbee in the park Every night the four of us we went out, the two other guys from Santiago and Sacha who we met in the hostel
2017/06/14-2017/06/15 Chile, Santiago Stayed in a hostel, went to cerro san christal and the market. Later met another Dutch and a Comlombian guy, we decided to go together to Valpariso I showed them the food market, we had lunch there both days. Cheapest meal is 3 euro’s including bread, soup, salat, sevilla and the main dish, in for example casuella, a big bowl with a large piece of pumpking, meat and some other ingredients.
2017/06/11-2017/06/13 Chile, Santiago 3 Day trek. The first day I hitcchhiked to 1 of the places where the path starts and hiked to Cerro provincia where i slept in a refuge with my tent pitched in the refuge. The second day following the reach, with lots of fall backs to Cerro Ramon, and descending down the valley without path towards the paths of aquas the san Ramon I camped next to so waterfalls only about 2km in a a strait line from the paths. The last day I covered the last distance to the paths and followed another path back to the start. From there i hitchhiked to a metro station. I went to collect my stuff at ndreas and Leos and checked in at a hostel in the centre. A lot warmer then in the South and many predator birds, condors, some unknown, other birds and some foxes and other small mamals.
2017/06/10 Chile, Santiago Played frisbee in the park with some of the group of the free city tour Prepared for a 3 day trek
2017/06/09 Chile, Santiago I went with Diago to Cerro san Christal, a hill in the city, and afterwards had a huge luch for 2500pesos at the main market I cooked Asian food in the evening, for Andrea and Leo and another friend I knew from the bar we went to on the first day.
2017/06/08 Chile, Santiago I had to relocate because Andres had some more friends come over. I moved to Leones street couch surfing with Andrea and Leo Andrea made me feel directly very welcome and had some tips where I might find info for more hikes. In the eveing she had made pumpkin soap and sopapia with pumpkin flower
2017/06/07 Chile, Santiago Walked around through the city and at 3pm I had the free walking tour and stayed with the group at a bar for a while
2017/06/06 Chile, Santiago I arrived at 7 in rush hour. I was staying with Andres so I went to his place before he left for work. During the day I went hiking in park aquas the san Ramon. In the eveing i went to a bar with Tirso, a friend of Zylvester from back in NL Completely different type of nature again, cacti and snow on the background
2017/06/05 Temuco I went cycling through the city and did my laudry In the evening I had my bus to Santiago (8h)
2017/06/04 Temuco She showed me around in Temuco and we went to the market Tried to get info about Llaima volcano, because of the weather I gave up
2017/06/03 Temuco We went to a club in the evening with some of her friends, I cooked two asian dishes
2017/06/02 Chile, Pucon to Temuco Hitchhiking, I got picked up really quick. First ride was with a lady that owned a restaurant, I asked her what Chilean dish i should try, and she invated me over to try at the restaurant. In Temuco I got a hair cut and I stayed with one of the girls i had met in Valdivia.
2017/06/01 Chile, Pucon Hike to a waterfall with Jan After taking the wrong path twice and walking without path through the bush we arrived at the waterfall.
2017/05/31 Chile, Pucon Hike to 3 waterfalls (salto Leon, salto Palguin and salto China) All waterfalls more then 90m high. Raining the entire day
2017/05/30 Chile, Pucon Hike to Vulcano Villarica (2800+m), most active volcano of South America First time seeing lava!
2017/05/29 Chile, Valdivia to Pucon Trying to get permission for the volcano without guide The office was the first 4 times closed although according to the sign it should be open, chile…
2017/05/28 Chile, Valdivia Visit of museum, botanical gardens and lunch with Jan, and three Chilean girls Bought fish for dinner from the fish market
2017/05/27 Chile, Osorno to Valdivia Visit to the market in the morning in Osorno, and after that the bus to Valdivia and hike past the river with lobos in Valdivia In the evening to a bar and a club with a group from the hostel
2017/05/26 Chile, Osorno I bought new hiking boots and a sleeping mat as birthday present for myself In the evening made Thai food for me and my host and we watched 12 years a slave
2017/05/23-2017/05/25 Chile, Maicuelpue, Caleta Huelhue, Caleta Condor and back to bahia Mansa and Osorno 2 days hiking and one day getting back by boat and bus Staying overnight in with local (indigenous) people. Helping with catching pigs and painting a new house.
2017/05/22 Chile, Osorno Interactive museum and fort
2017/05/21 Chile, Anticura to Osorno Hitchhiking to Osorno and tour with my CS host through Osorno The guys that gave me a ride dropped me at the place where my CS host lived
2017/05/20 Chile, Anticura Short hikes near Anticura and updating my blog Cloudy rainy day
2017/05/18-2017/05/19 Chile, Anticura 2 Day trek to volcano Puyehue (2240m) and 1990 eruption side Amazing views on the crater and on the surrounding mountains.
I stayed (alone) in the refugio just above the tree line in the snow.
2017/05/17 Argentina, Bariloche hitchhiking to Chile, Anticura It took a while but with five different cars I managed to get there
2017/05/16 Argentina, Bariloche Day hike to Refugio Frey and the laguna behind it, on the way back I could follow another trail So used to hiking now that 30km seems like a short hike…
2017/05/15 Argentina, El Bolson to Bariloche Hitchiking to El Bolson and exploring the city The 5th car picked me up, it seems like i spend more time on making the sign (“Holanda a Bariloche” – drawing of: windmill, cow, dykes) for Bariloche then waiting for a car
2017/05/13-2017/05/14 Argentina, El Bolson 2 Day trek to Refugio Hielo and glacier I was dropped off at the wrong spot by the taxi driver, but I only noticed after he had left
2017/05/12 Argentina, El Bolson Day hike with Maria to cascada escondido Very green and wet area
2017/05/10 Argentina, El Chalten Tried hitchhiking for about 2h, almost no cars so I gave up and bought a bus ticket to Bariloche. In the afternoon made pancakes and then went for a short hike up the cliff, the clouds are coming from the lake side, resulting in a special light effect. The bus is supposed to leave at 20:50. Updating the blog, drawing and trying the slack line
2017/05/09 Argentina, El Chalten Rest day and hike to laguna tres Was the third time at the lake, but the first time i could see the Fitz Roy behind it
2017/05/04-2017/05/08 Argentina, El Chalten 5 day trek, Huemul and one day glaciar Amazing views on the world’s second largest contiguous extrapolar ice field
2017/05/02 Argentina, El Chalten To laguna tres, laguna sucia, mirrdor glaciar piedras blancas, los pilars and back Total distance of about 38km, left at 8:15 while it was still dark outside
2017/05/01 Argentina, El Chalten To cascada
2017/04/30 Argentina, El Chalten Preparing 6 day trek
2017/04/29 Argentina, El Chalten Laguna Tres and Fitzroy Rain again, but a little better then yesterday. Finally walking in the snow again, sometimes as deep as my knees, couldn’t see the peak of the Fitzroy, but still a nice trek. Took me in total 5h, the trek plus a little extra, about twice as fast as it should take according to the map or the guy from the hostel
2017/04/28 Argentina, El Chalten Laguna Torres Rain, rain, rain, but a impressive glacier at the end of the trail
2017/04/27 Chile, Torres del Paine to Argentina, El Chalten Bus to Calafate (because of the rain), hitchhiking to El Chalten, got picked up directly at the round about The mountain near El Chalten look impresive! Looking forward to the treks
2017/04/21-2017/04/25 Chile, Torres del Paine 5 day, 4 night trek in Torres del Paine with Jesica
2017/04/20 Chile, Puerto Natales Preparing for the trek
2017/04/19 Argentina, El Calafate hitchhiking to Chile, Puerto Natales Hitchhiking
2017/04/17 Argentina, El Calafate Cerro El Calafate Hike with Jesica and 4 dogs. We saw a condor from up close
2017/04/16 Argentina, El Calafate Perito mareno, mountain christal and run to flamingo’s Great weather!
2017/04/14-2017/04/15 Argentina, Madryn to El Calafate bus… Luckily I had taken my stuff the previous day, because the waves were to big to get to the boat. Was even the day before quite an adventure with the dingy
2017/04/11-2017/04/12 Argentina, caleta Helena to Madryn 1.5day sailing, arrived just before dark in Madryn
2017/04/11 Argentina, caleta Helena To much wind/waves to go to shore Maybe we leave later today to go to Madryn
2017/04/10 Argentina, Camerones to caleta Helena With a good strong back stag wind we sailed to caleta Helena To much wind/waves to go to shore
2017/04/09 Argentina, other side peninsula to Camerones We set sail to Camerones, on the way we were surrounded by the black and white dolphins We tried some fishing but I was the only one that caught something and it was although a tasty fish, not enough for dinner for 3, so we added a robolo we had caught in the net the previous day for dinner.
2017/04/08 Argentina, other side peninsula Finally on land again, hiking to the penguin colony On the way saw many guanaco’s, some ostriches, many many penguins and a armadillo. We collected again mushrooms, enough for a couple of meals. In the net we had caught a robolo and 3 weird looking fishes, in Camerones we found out they are called gallo’s.
2017/04/07 Argentina, other side peninsula Storm at sea, 7bf, not possible to reach the land Sitting inside reading, and playing card games
2017/04/06 Argentina, Caleta Hornos to other side peninsula Leaving early with upcoming tide to have the tide in our favour We saw a lot of dolphins, two types, and sea lions. Weather turned worse and worse…
2017/04/05 Argentina, Caleta Hornos Going for a hike and collecting mushrooms in the pampas. This time I saw over 50 guanaco’s In the net we had caught about 50 robolo
2017/04/03-2017/04/04 Argentina, Comodoro Rivadavia to Caleta Hornos Sailing through the night, arriving in a beautiful bay with lots of black and white dolphins, even visible from the anchor place. After arriving went for a hike in the pampas, saw my first guanaco’s Jo has joined our party now.
2017/04/01 – 2017/04/02 Argentina, Puerto Deseado to Argentina, Comodoro Rivadavia We left Deseado early in the morning, clear blue skies the entire time! At the moment the milky way is clearly visible (night watch)
2017/03/31 Argentina, Puerto Deseado After a while the weather improved and we went to shore for the last groceries, repair the sail and a shower! Filing the paper work to leave the next day to pick up Jo in Comodoro. Jo was stuck due to the heavy rain the last days.
2017/03/30 Argentina, Puerto Deseado Rain, rain, rain The next morning there was about 300mm of water in the dingy! In Comodoro there had been floating cars. Really crazy weather for the pampas
2017/03/29 Argentina, Puerto Deseado Went for a hike. First downstream the river and following the coast over some cliffs, there I met some Brazilians and did drive with them the other way upstream the river, from there I walked back. The entire area is desert like, this weather is clearly not common. I walked n total ~25k. In the evening asado with friends of Marcel When I was back at the boat I loaded 100l of petrol and later on the groceries.
2017/03/28 Argentina, Puerto Deseado Went to an internet cafe, spend a couple hours trying to login to fill in my taxes
2017/03/27 Argentina, Puerto Deseado Finishing up the paper work for arriving back in Argentina and cleaning the boat. Carrying 150l of water, from the tap on shore to the dingy, rowing it to the boat, lifting it on on board and filling the tanks. While doing this a lobos (seal) came to have a look. Afterwards I saw from or harbour spot dolphins and penguins in the distance. In the evening we had dinner at the house of one of Marcels friends.
2017/03/26 Argentina, Puerto Deseado We arrived in the morning in Deseado, first signs of civilisation since leaving the beagle channel, to e honest I could do without, it’s not the prettiest city. The weather isn’t helping either, we hoped for a bit warmer weather and sunshine, but since yesterday evening a lot of fog and now it’s raining softly, hopefully it improves tomorrow Close to Deseado we saw black with white dolphins, rock hoppers and malagen penguins. I shaved today, which I hadn’t done for a long time, in fact it’s the third time shaving since I left the Netherlands..
2017/03/22-2017/03/24 Argentina, Staten island – sea south of Falkklands We left early, it was tricky to get out of the choppy bay. We continue sailing until Puerto Deseado, probably arriving there the 26th in the morning I’m typing this during night duty. Its 3:30, clear skies, everywhere sea, big waves and strong wind from the west
2017/03/21 Argentina, Staten island second bay Today we started sailing early to go to the next bay. After that the weather was so bad that even in the bay we couldn’t really leave the boat
2017/03/19 Argentina, Staten island Friends of Marcel arrived, in the evening we had an asado on the beach
2017/03/18 Argentina, Staten island We set out the net, the trap for crabs and I went for a long day hike Very rough landscape with many rocks and completely different vegetation than in Tierra de Fuego, I saw a deer, deer’s and goats are left here as food supplies for stranded ships, and a couple of condors and eagles
2017/03/17 Argentina, bay Espania; Argentina, Staten island 50 sea miles farther, a lot of wind, waves, 3 or 4 whales, sea lions, royal albatrosses, regular albatross and many different types of storm birds Amazing bay with a straight cliff on starboard and two waterfalls, when entering the bay there were hundreds of seals darting around
2017/03/16 Argentina, bay Espania Hike up to a hill and collecting calefate We retrieved the net, more than 100 fishes, robolo, we took cleaned 5 and the rest..
2017/03/15 Argentina, bay Espania Crappie weather… we set the net, directly after setting it we saw we caught something, we should have retrieved the net directly…
2017/03/14 Chile unknown bay; Argentina, bay Espania 50 sea miles farther, a lot of wind, waves, and a little seasick… On the way we saw from close by a humpback whale (bultrug), other whales from a far, sea lions, and lots and lots of dolphins. The dolphins swum around us for a couple hours, way more than 20
2017/03/13 Chile unknown bay Collected the crab from the trap (we kept the10 biggest and threw the other ones back), tried t repair the fresh water pump, a hike in the afternoon, and in the evening we had one big salmon in the net In the evening there was a fishers boat next to us, as well to shelter from the storm. We exchanged a bottle of wine for centolla and solt
2017/03/12 Argentina, bay close to estancia Harberton; Chile unknown bay Crossing back to Chile We set a trap for centolla
2017/03/11 Argentina, bay close to estancia Harberton Collecting fish from the net, hike to a nearby mountain, collecting mushrooms
2017/03/10 Chile, Puerto Williams; Argentina, bay close to estancia Harberton Checking out in Puerto Williams, crossing the Beagle to close to estancia Harberton, fishing, collecting mushrooms On the way crossing the Beagle we saw penguins, sea lions, seals and whales!
2017/03/09 Chile, Puerto Williams Fixed something on the boat, rubber boat, a panel, water, got the fishing net and did groceries Currently enjoying the sun and the view on the dientes with a matte concido, tomorrow we will leave
2017/03/08 Chile, Puerto Williams In the morning we checked in in Chile, again 3 stops, after that I went to hike to the Dientes The hike was great the weather started cloudy, but the path and at the end the view from the top was great. In the evening we had a great meal at a friend of Marcels. A lot of carne
2017/03/07 Argentina, Ushuaia – Chile, Puerto Williams Said good bye to Mika 😦 and Jack and went sailing to Puerto Williams, Chile Gettig th papers fixed took a while, 3 places many stamps and a couple hours
2017/03/07-??? Argentina, Ushuaia Start Sailing to Puerto Williams, from there most likely Staten Island, Puerto Deseado with Marcel, friend of Jack
2017/03/03-2017/03/05 Argentina, Ushuaia 3 day trek to Laguna and glaciar Ojo Albino, passo Beban, passo ?? and lagune Ceniza and cerro Ceniza Day 1 to passo Beban, Day 2 with small backpack to the other valley, Day 3 laguna and cerro Ceniza and back
2017/02/28 Argentina, Ushuaia Moved from Luz and Jose back to the hostel Swimming
2017/02/27 Argentina, Ushuaia Top of mountain Alvear and laguna Francia One of the heighest mountains here, huge glaciar around it
2017/02/24 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna Domo blanco y glaviar Vascos Best weather till now! Long long day trek with Jack
2017/02/19-2017/02/21 Argentina, Ushuaia Three day hike near dos Torres Left the tent for two nights at the same spot
2017/02/13-2017/02/15 Argentina, Ushuaia dos Nochos a refugio Bonette se Mika On 15/02 back to the hostel because Luz and Jose get colleagues at their place
2017/02/12 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna verde, azul superior y cerro laguna azul superior y passo laguna superior Se Luz
2017/02/11 Argentina, Ushuaia Cascade Allvear y ice caves Se Luz (CS host)
2017/02/10 Argentina, Ushuaia Swimming
2017/02/09 Argentina, Ushuaia Cerro y Laguna submarino Se dos chiko’s that stayed at Jacks
2017/02/07 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna Francia y un pocco mas Se Jack
2017/02/05-2017/02/06 Argentina, Ushuaia Rest day Swimming, making speculaas, cooking, short hikes
2017/02/01-2017/02/04 Argentina, Ushuaia 4 day hike, starting from laguna caminante, crossing a glacier, to Chile and back following laguna Rocca to the national park Chile stole 1km of land from Argentina!
2017/01/31 Argentina, Ushuaia Got papers sorted for swimming and prepared for a 4 day trek Went to 4 hospitals/clinics to get the medical approval for the swimming pool
2017/01/30 Argentina, Ushuaia Falso y Cerro Bonnete Many Condors! \br Found an ice axe, pocket knife and German labello, someone did fall?
2017/01/29 Argentina, Ushuaia Moving from the hostel to new CS place with Jose and Luz Nice place near the Carrefour
2017/01/28 Argentina, Ushuaia Cascade y Laguna de Submarina and back past Estancia Tunnel Long hike – the way back was without path but dense forest
2017/01/27 Argentina, Ushuaia Grass mowing with Jack (<4h) y sunset at Cerro de Medio Couldn’t have done it without flashlight..
2017/01/26 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna Alvear y Lagunas Tridad y paso de rio Tristan Long hike… started hiking at 8:45 back around 17:00
2017/01/25 Argentina, Ushuaia Working at the hostel – BBQ – Sunset
2017/01/24 Argentina, Ushuaia Cerro Susana start next to the beagle, Jack dropped me off
2017/01/23 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna Azul through passo beban
2017/01/22 Argentina, Ushuaia run and short hike to cascada worked in the hostel to fix the fresh water connection
2017/01/21 Argentina, Ushuaia Grass mowing With Jack
2017/01/20 Argentina, Ushuaia Lapataia & pininsula de turtoga With Jack
2017/01/19 Argentina, Ushuaia Cerro Segui No path…
2017/01/18 Argentina, Ushuaia Rest day and vist Jack Crapy weather
2017/01/17 Argentina, Ushuaia To the top of cinco hermanos track with Jack
2017/01/16 Argentina, Ushuaia Run and visit Jack Run to estancia tunnel, ~17km
2017/01/15 Argentina, Ushuaia Cerro medio different route
2017/01/14 Argentina, Ushuaia
2017/01/13 Argentina, Ushuaia Cerro Portillo Not following the path up nor down (couldn’t find the path)
2017/01/12 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna verde y tres laguna variation on the hike with Jack, stayed at the other side of the creek
2017/01/11 Argentina, Ushuaia Cerro medio y un poco more Start from the hostel
2017/01/10 Argentina, Ushuaia Glaciar and frozen laguna Really beautiful hike! Jack told me where to go
2017/01/09 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna Caniza Under estimated the distance, the absence of path didn’t help either
2017/01/08 Argentina, Ushuaia Short track to the top of mountain Cortiz Rain and wind
2017/01/07 Argentina, Ushuaia Track with Jack and Roberto to laguna verde and over a glacier to 3 other lakes Most beautifull lagune till now!
2017/01/06 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna Francia A lot of turba
2017/01/05 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna Submarino, Laguna Hollanda and many others
2017/01/04 Argentina, Ushuaia Rest day Crapy weather prep for long hike to laguna Hollanda
2017/01/03 Argentina, Ushuaia Glaciar Vincuguerra Ice caves, rain, rain, rain
2017/01/02 Argentina, Ushuaia Visit to the national park Fox
2017/01/01 Argentina, Ushuaia Argentinian BBQ at Almanza and drive near estansia Haberton with Mika and Ashelyn
2016/12/31 Argentina, Ushuaia Track Shark teeth, diente … with Daniel and Jack (from hitchhiking)
2016/12/30 Argentina, Ushuaia Day track
2016/12/29 Argentina, Ushuaia Cinco Hormanes with Chris
2016/12/28 Argentina, Ushuaia Rest day Pancake breakfast for 4
2016/12/27 Argentina, Ushuaia Glacier Ojoalbino waterfalls in the glacier
2016/12/26 Argentina, Ushuaia Laguna Turquisa
2016/12/25 Argentina, Ushuaia Glacier Martial Perfect hike with grampons
2016/12/24 Argentina, Ushuaia Ice caves
2016/12/23 Argentina, Ushuaia Second try to reach glacier and lake Alvear Ice caves
2016/12/22 Argentina, Ushuaia Getting warm
2016/12/21 Argentina, Ushuaia First try to get to glacier Alvear Rain, snow and more snow
2016/12/19 Argentina, Ushuaia Hike next to the Beagle “Swimming” at the end of the world
2016/12/18 Argentina, Ushuaia Hike to laguna Esmiralda with Mica and Pjotrik
2016/12/15-2016/12/17 Argentina, Ushuaia Three day track Sierra Valdivieso with Pierre
2016/12/12-2016/12/13 Argentina, Ushuaia Two day track Laguna del Caminante
2016/12/09 Argentina, Ushuaia Flight Far far South..
2016/12/08 Uruguay, Montevideo Bus
2016/12/05 Uruguay, Cablo Polonio Bus
2016/12/02 Uruguay, Montevideo Flight
2016/12/02 Netherlands, Amsterdam Flight Back to Amsterdam
2016/11/28 Italy, Civo 1 day, 1 night in the Alps Hiking with Paolo and Hannah
2016/11/28 Italy, Milan Flight Start of the trip.. Stayng at Paolo’s
2016/11/18 Netherlands, Delft Last day in the office


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